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Any night eaters out there?


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I'm sitting here eating a huge bowl of SW chips, beans and cheese and then I'm having a meringue, 0% fat greek yogurt, fruit and level tbs honey. The question is: is this too much to eat at night and IM I A LITTLE, ERRR BIG PIGGY, lol? Seriously tho, am I.
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Lol well if you are, that makes me one too! I'm just eating my dinner now! Does anyone know if it's actually true that eating later at night is bad for you? Everyone says it is but I can't help wondering that surely eating at any time is fine as long as you're hungry?!



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But I had 4 HEXB Ryvita seasame and HEXB ham + cottage cheese with pineapple and an extra pineapple ring 1syn at about 5.30ish. There is something wrong with me, lol!
I always get hungry at about this time! It's my danger time. I try to take my mind of it by doing something......but I cannot think what! Sorry!!

We had a discussion in class a few weeks ago about times you eat and our consultant said it doesn't matter what time you eat. As long as you are food optimising you will lose weight.
Yep...Im a night eater too:eek: Ive often made SW chips and cheese after 9pm:eek:


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Phew thank goodness, I feel better now. I can enjoy my chips and beans in peace tonight without worrying, lol!


Trying again!!!
Night time is my worst time for eating too, I can seem to control my eating up until 10ish and then I just have to eat. I cannot sleep if I am hungry. It's got that some days I prepare SW chips so that it's just the matter of putting them in the oven. I sometimes save my HexB for toast and Laughing cow cheese too, scrummy!!


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I normally have my dinner at about 7 and have a snack of cocoa and alpen lights after 9. I've always eaten more in the evenings than the rest of the day. I don't think it matters what time you eat, its what you eat and how much that really counts.
I think the idea is that eating late is not good, as the body doesn't digest it as well overnight (or something) however, I think that's been de-bunked now.

BBC NEWS | Health | Eating at night myth 'exploded'

Some people still think it applies though. Me, I dunno! If you're hungry...eat. A calorie is a calorie whenever you eat it!
I usually only have my dinner later on too, anytime between about 8pm and 10pm. Depends on what I'm doing in the evening and how hungry I am. I think if you don't go to bed straight after eating then it's not too bad. The way I see it - they say don't eat for an hour before exercise, so I don't eat in the hour before bed either. (Except when I've been for a night out and got the beer munchies!!!)

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