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Any one here a shift worker?


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I miss my class if I am working, I WI at night and could go to the early class but think the weight would be different and would pee me off too much the following week when I go back to pm WI.


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I work alternating shifts and generally can make every other one.

I swap around where possible at work to get to the intermediate ones if possible.

Where I can't get myself free on a Tuesday evening, I go to a Wednesday one in the evening in the next town if I can.

And failing that I just miss it and go a fortnight later.

I would rather do that than have a morning weigh in which would no doubt be much better than my usual evening ones, and would skew the results of my next one. I like to keep things the same to get a more accurate idea of how things are going.
I've only been doing SW for 4 weeks and shifts havent really messed me up yet, I was worried about going for WI after nights but I still lost. Its a pain in the backside staying up for it though!!
Luckily the group I go to has a morning and evening group so I can choose which of those I go to and it fits into the pattern quite nicely.
Shift work is rubbish!!!


Never gets tired of SW!
I work shifts and they differ every week! However I'm quite lucky because we are entitled to request 2 shifts a week in red and I nearly always ask for Mondays off to go to art club in the avo and SW in the evening. If it's not granted I go to a Thursday class instead (same consultant) If I couldn't go to either I would definitely try and find another class during the week because I wouldn't want missing a week to throw me off kilter- I need to know my weight to spur me on through the following week!!X
Oh my life! I had no idea shifts would mess me up so badly. I was on the early shift this week and went for the PM weigh in, well not only had I been really good but I showed +3lb! I was that gutted I didnt even stay to class :(
I think I'll skip the PM ones and if Im working, Im working - and just miss a week, I dont need that kind of motivation loss.
Got myself on the scales this morning and I have lost on last week but I had no idea that it could change sooooo much during a day!
My weigh in is a wednesday night.

I do 3 12.5 hour shifts a week. I dont ever work Wednesday days due to chilcare but if im nightshift i pop in quickly just as my consultant is setting up, get weighed quickly, then head to work.
I work shifts full time. I re-joined SW online on Jan 2nd this year, so far I have been quite pleased. I weigh myself when I've just got up. I have lost a stone so far. I found last time round when I went to the meetings, I could only realistically get to one in 3 and i lost the motivation to go and gave up. That said, I really miss having a consultant to get advice from (but this forum is just as good!) as the Sw online website is a bit heavy going if you have a question, they will only reply to you if your question is not already on the site.
I find nights the worst to cope with. I have a main meal before I go in, and then take fruit, cottage cheese and some low syn snacks with me.

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