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Any photographers here???



a new way of living!
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my cousin is a photographer, but he's a tight ass too and would prob charge you shop prices! ;)

have you looked on ebay? or is there a freebay in your area?

I have the analog version (seeing as you can't get an 18MP camera i use that for "proper" stuff and my sony 10MP for any digital work.

I would try places like cash converters, cos the 400D is FAR superior to the 350D (and is on my birthday list) so those who had one may have traded it in. It's also worth going to Jessops or somewhere where the staff are photographers and ask them if they know of any for sale.

You won't get it cheaper than about £300, and the new ones are aroud £400 ;)


Says it as it is!!!
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Ebay doesnt have them i looked last night xx

How rude of ebay!!!
cheers BG, I know what you mean but you can soon say well another £100 will get me this that n'tuther. until you end up spending a grand. There is a 400d in ireland for sale they want 250 euro which is £200ish it only as the kit lens but still sounds a bargain though
loads on ebay nic, 350,s 400,s 450,s and 5,s anon but silly money xx


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
ooerrr i must be losing my touch...couldnt find em ...Oh the shame!!!


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Beware of buying cameras on Ebay. Reason for this is that my chap is into photography and I was going to buy him his Nikon 40D from Ebay- but they turned out to be grey models. Grey models are ones that have been imported cheaply from Hong Kong, China, Japan etc and their warranties are not valid in this country. So if anything did go wrong within the first year of purchase- you are right royally buggered! If you do buy from Ebay- check with the seller first.


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I just want to second that from Medea - if you buy an import, then you do not get a warranty on it.

If you're willing to risk it or take out your own insurance, try getting in touch with the user kerso on ebay. I have bought from him many a time, if you send him a message then he'll sell you stuff outside of ebay cheaper than his ebay prices.
cheers i shall try him

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