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Any restarts today??


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
I find 790 easier than SS cos it feels like you are having a meal (sounds stupid but it works) and it only works out to 1-2lbs diff a month. I tend to have a tuna and cottage cheese with leaves, celery and chilli flakes... I have half the amount of tuna you are allowed and half the cottage cheese and it is lovely.. may put a bit too much lettuce on but hey ho...and I am into pickled cabbage (hhmmm).

6oz (150g) portion of poultry meat (without skin or fat)
8oz (250g) portion of white fish
8oz (250g) quorn or tofu
8oz (250g) skimmed milk cottage cheese
3tbsp 'white or green' vegetables (cooked or raw) such as
green salad leaves eg. roquette, lambs lettuce watercress, raddiccio, little gem/romain lettuces. celery, cucumber or red raddishes, courgettes or marrow, broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage including pickled cabbage. spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops, asparagus, fennel and celeriac, chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or chinese cabbage

0.5 pint (235ml) skimmed milk
I would recommend it cos you can sit down and have a meal, then space out the rest of your soup and shakes, I tend to have a frozen tetra afterwards as pudding!!

Good luck on your journey, keep in touch..


yep i restarted today been really hard as i went straight to ss, but i have faith on it working this time lol


I have started today on 790 and want to get off at least 2.5 stone by christmas!!

Anyone out there restarting today?
welcome back Nikki,

I'm not restarting,but I'm really pleased that you are.

nothing is going to get in your way this time!

good luck & away we go!!
i'llbe lurking just incase!
Hi, i restarted on Monday, after messing about for a month.. and gaining 4lb..
Started straight back on SS, and im soooooooo near my goal i can smell it, or is that toast.. lol

Good luck everyone with there restarts, we can do it.. just think how we felt before CD.. we dont want to feel like that again do we !!??

I started yesterday too. I am just going straight to SS as the temptation of food for me is too much to stick to the plan!
I started yesterday on 790.... and i am going to do it thi time... i do have a meal out tonight... but i will make sure i stick to it!!!

I am determined today!

nas x
good on you - I'm only on day 4 with just under 4st to lose! I intend SS'ing if possible to mid-dec so hopefully might manage to lose 3st :eek::eek::eek::eek: actually I think I'm being a bit unrealistic. I'm just under 14st I'd LOVE to be 10st - but would be grateful to be 11st :cool::cool::cool:

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