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Any shift workers?

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I was just wondering if any of you shift work. If so whats your job? do you go to classes? and how do you find fitting it in, and having taking meals to work for different times of the day?

I am a support worker at a residential home. Currently I work nights so isnt a probelm as always eat at home, but soon will be going back onto days.

My shifts are 7-3 or 1.30-9.30 or all day! and we are provided with the same food as residents, or sometimes take them out for food!

Its not really a home where you have time to heat or fix up something yourself. So i was going to take a packed lunch, then not eat dinner till i get home and just have a WW micro meal.

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Hi there

I'm a learning disability nurse and work in an assessment & treatment unit so like you work shifts.

We dont get our food provided and only have 20 minutes break so it is difficult to take anything too fancy. If I'm working mornings I just take a sarnie, soup, salad, jacket & something or beans on toast. When working afternoons I usually take a ready meal with extra veg or salad. If I am on nights I have my main meal before I leave for work and just take the same sort of stuff that I would for a morning shift.

I dont have any problems going to classes, my usual one is a monday evening but if I cant get to that one I go to a different one during the week

Shift working can make it more difficult but it can still be done with a bit of planning ahead. Good luck
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Thank you. I also work with learning disabilities!!

I do get 20 mins break too, so maybe I'l have that for my dinner time! Thanks.xx
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Hi, Im new to WW and i work shifts im a HCA on a medical ward so very busy, we get an hour for lunch so im not worryed bout that, worryed about not getting all my points in tho, think i will try WW meals tho as well, also about not being able to get to my class, am i right in thinking that if i sign up for the pay monthly option i can go to any meeting to fit round me??
Do you do exercise to? i do on my days off but after working a night shift or a LD the last thing i want to do is exercis.. im on my feet for such a long time x :)


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Hiya, I am a community care worker and work shifts usual week is 3.5 days so on the long days I am working 6.30am - 2.00pm then I have a break before going back to work 3.30pm till 9.30pm so it will need alot of planning luckily I have only had two days in the office this week and next week I am only working 1.5 days so it has given me a good start to getting my head around it. I wont have access to microwave or anything so will need to make maybe salads or wraps to take with me, I definately do find it more difficult when working the shifts than if I am at home or doing relatively "normal" working hours.
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Ahh thank you for that tip, i will keep that in mind when food shopping, i think at the mo im thinking buy WW food cuz it has the points on the pk.... im sure i will learn more the longer i do it :)


plodding away
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I bulk my ready meals up with extra veg or salad. I change what I buy each week its all a matter of personal taste, have fun trying them out anyway


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I work shifts for London Underground. You dont have to buy WW meals, in tesco, most of their lighter choices meals have a red circle with the points written in it, much more choice available as well, (sandwiches/wraps, cereal bars etc), my favourites are the lamb moussaka (4.5 points), and the minced beef n potatoes (3 points). Worth a look.

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