Any teachers?


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Hi, Id love someones opinion please :)

If anyone doesn't know by now lol my 2 sons went for a weeks holiday with the sschool last week and it was their 11th brthday during that time. The teachers gave them each some presents and a birthday card and they had a birthday cake and everything for them.

So I want to get them a thankyou card and a little present each because they could have just pretended it was any other day for them but they didnt.

I was just wondering, do you think these 2 teachers would have come up with this themselves or do you think it's just something the school would always do if the children have birthdays during that week? Should I get these teachers something individualy or should it be a school staff thing and thank everyone? And, any ideas on what to get?
I would think that the 2 teachers would have come up with it. That would certainly be the case in my school.

Each school is different though, so its a difficult one. Tin of choccies or biscuits are always appreciated in the staffroom though;)
thanks for that. I decided to be a bit more personal than a box of chocolates so I got them a card each and a little guardian angel thingy. I saw them and remembered when my oldest son was struggling a while ago one of the two teachers told him a little story about asking his guardian angel for help to make him happier, so I thought she might appreciate something like that and just got the other one the same thing .
Kati what great ideas for presents. And I'm sure your 2 boys enjoyed their special day. I always bought my children a card and a little present when I taught young children
Irene xx