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any tips for a new starter (with the foodpacks)


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S: 16st11lb

I have just started LLT today and have about 7 stone to lose...i have a long way to go but am just hoping this works for me.

Cany u give me any tips on the foodpacks
what tastes good or not , i would just love to hear different peoples viewpoints.

so far i've had porridge and chicken soup
and couldn't stomach the shepards pie so had another soup. Do people normally just stomach the foodpacks even if they don't like the taste . Please give any tips or tell me what you have on a daily basis .
Please please really need help.
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Hey Masi welcome on board! Don't worry too much as I'm sure lots of people will reply. I'm on my second time with LL as I didn't do rtm last time so returned to old eating patterns. I had strawberry and chocolate shakes and had lemon bars for most of my 4 stone loss. There was another bar a bit like a chocolate one that i enjoyed too much so need to stay clear of that this time as one wasn't enough! This time I'm almost entirely sticking to chocolate and that seems to be working for me at the moment. I didn't like either the soups or porridge but seemed to be ok just on shakes. Others on here like all sorts and if you trawl through you'll see their advice about mixing flavours.
Keep with it, it does get better and remember any negative thoughts are just your mind playing tricks. Once ketosis kicks in you won't feel hungry and things do become easier. I found reading other diaries really helped as you can see we all find it difficult to start. But You CAN DO IT and we'll all give you a helping hand when necessay. Be strong.


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Welcome masi, its well worth the ride!
You can use red tabasco sauce and black pepper freely to give a bit if taste to the shepherds pie, it then tastes ok, I think my taste buds have changed as I am going through this, I dont like the porridge , chilli or curry soups, so generally live on shakes mixed with ice and water in my kenwood smoothie to go, chilli con carne, shepherds pie and bars.
Shakes are my favourite, taste like mcdonald!
You will soon get into the rhythmn of it all, try and space packs put every 4 hours, and drink water ! You will find you are in the loo lots to start with, including night time, but it eases off. Ketosis kicks in about 3-5 days so you may feel hungry till then, worth trying the broth and lots of bubble baths and early night! It all helps and remember, we are here for support, you will get lots of answers.


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Just finished my first week and I tried at least one of just about everything. From reading on this forum everyone has different tastes and you just have to try the pack to see if you like it. Personally I like bland food so I don't need any added pepper or tobasco, needless to say I didn't really like curry soup and I won't be getting chilli too often, just for variety. Some people posted they just like the spicy packs, other just have shakes.
I found the shepherd's pie tasted better when microwaved and given time to absorbe the water. I think mixing well and giving the waiting time, the hot packs taste less powdery.
Some people don't like the soup at all but I eat them at work with a spoon from a mug. They don't need to know its not 'cup a soup'. And I felt more obvious when I had a shake at lunch.
I have the porridge for breakfast, I don't think its great but that's what I normally would have for breakfast. Its the only one I HAVE to use a mixer to get the lumps out. and I microwave it a bit.
As Julz said, I also try to have packs at 3/4 hour intervals.
I like the shakes and the bars. Bars are handy cause you can have a 1/3 of bar on break at work with tea and then finish it later. The other packs you have to eat it all at once. Also easy to have bar if out for a coffee with friends.
Other hint that SB gave is to put the powder into the water, it mixes easier.
Still learning and experimenting..:)xx:)


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Hi Maisi
Hope you doing ok.I think we all differ in our tastes.I love the vanilla with a spoon of decaf coffee warm.Its a lovely latte some people find it very sweet.
I tried a couple of different flavours each week then stuck with the ones I liked.I am now finding my taste buds are changing again and the muschroom soup which I loved I now do not like.
I tend to stick to the sweet shakes ,Porridge and choc bars.
Hope that helps .


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G: 14st2lb
hi masi , im only on day 6 but really like the chicken soup and porridge , only tried the banana and strawberry shakes but they are both nice , i dont like the toffee bar :( but do like the peanut one :) i also follow julz method of adding ice and water to the shakes and doing it in the blender turns out great !! ( thanks julz ) .. i will be trying some of the different pack next week and will report back all the best karen x

Sorry, I don't have any tips about what to do with the foodpacks (I'm in my first week as well) but I just thought I'd share something my LLC said to me. She said that foodpacks aren't punishment. If you don't like one don't eat it, take something else and swop the packs you don't like at a drop in.

You're tastebuds may change as you go through and something you don't fancy now you might later on.

I've found the savoury broth to be a godsend as well as the fruits of the forest water flavouring.

Best of luck with your journey & hope to see you about hear again soon.


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