Out with the old me and in with the new me.


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I have a Histamine intolerance so need to keep to a low Histamine diet.
Just getting into the swing of things before I properly start Jan 2022.
Shouldn't be too hard as the foods I can eat is mostly what I've been eating it's just that I have to be strict when it comes to processed foods, sweets and some fruit and veg.
I don't look at what I can't eat but what I can eat.
My breakfast is usually 2 slices of G/F toast with a couple slices of meat and I have the same for tea with an apple. I have a packet of plain crisps in the afternoon. But as I get further into this things will change a bit.
My main meal will be a cooked one. I used to eat leftovers for tea or the following days but can't do this any more as the histamine levels in it rises the longer it is left before eating it. I drink plenty of water during the day to help wash out the histamine.
I have a go to pasta sauce which is garlic, cauliflower and water blitzed up.
I also have a 'tomato' one but not tried it yet which is tin carrots, beetroot and red wine vinegar blitzed up.
Hi there @Cavegirl21 I've been offline and missed your post. How is it going?
Hi there @Cavegirl21 I've been offline and missed your post. How is it going?

Hi, I'm doing ok thanks. Just waiting for January 2022 so I can start afresh.
After this Friday coming I will not be working as a school cleaner any more. No more getting up at 4.30am.
Everyone asks me what will I do with the extra free time. I will be sleeping hopefully.:)
Excellent. I am glad you don't have early mornings anymore.

2022 will be here in a brace of ticks!

I'm not working either - except at chambermaiding our old sitting room. We've put a door in our hall and made a self-contained guest suite with the downstairs bathroom, which we let on Airbnb. I prefer that to working at Tescos, I applied for office jobs but wasn't even getting interviews. There's not much choice locally.
It's 2022 and time to get more exercise in.
It's strange that I don't have to think about going to bed. I can go whatever time I like and can get up whatever time I like tomorrow. Been many years since I've not have to worry about an alarm going off early in the morning.
Need to do some sort of shop tomorrow. I'm trying to go back to once a week shop to save a bit of money now I don't work.
Also need to use my recipe books more as I seemed to of eaten the same thing over and over again last year.
Going to have a read of some diaries as I haven't logged in lately.
Excellent. Let us know how it goes!
Tried some Chicken, pea and spinach burgers today. They were a bit rubbery.


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Back on the treadmill.

Lunch was Meat and veg burger, sweet spud ,carrot and parsnip, tomato chutney.

Lesson 1 today: Start by focusing on who you want to become, not what you want to achieve.


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Forgot to take pic of lunch but it was Tesco mince and veg with added roasted spuds, carrots, onion, garlic, parsnip and swede.

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No treadmill today.
Lesson Two : “Two-Minute Rule.” The Two-Minute Rule states, “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.”

Lunch Chicken and bacon, tin toms, carrots, onion and G/F pasta.


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I'm still being good just not logging as I was finding I was starting to think about food and exercise all the time again. I want to be relaxed about it all and if I miss a day then I don't want to feel bad about it.
It has to be the weather and time of year but I just can't get myself motivated to keep going.
Another birthday just gone by.
Going to kick start it tomorrow as Spring is just around the corner.
Going for a 2 week salad challenge. Staying away from bread,rice,pasta and spuds. Will have salad with my lunch and tea.
Pint of water first thing then one before lunch and one before tea.
Lunch---Roasted yellow pepper, courgette, red onion, cherry toms. Salad leaves, Meatballs and bacon.


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Tea----Salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, picked onions, gherkin, ham, salad cream.


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