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Any tips for itching?


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Have you mentioned it to your Midwife, if not I would give her a ring , not to alarm you but there is a condition that can occur during pregnancy which can be serious if undetected but controlled if found out ;) One of the main symptoms is excessive itching.
I do get itchy boobs and have had slight itching later on in previous pregnancies when I get bigger but nothing really excessive. I am sure its nothing serious but better to be safe;)
Take care Jo


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hi, i itched a lot in my last pregnancy and assumed it was just with my skin stretching .... turns out i had obstetric cholestasis. I would mention it to ur midwife next time u c her, dont think it usually happens till the 3rd trimester but my case was very severe. ... also try cold showers. hope this helps
I'm not too worried as I'm extremely well-monitored by the hospital here as I had a lot of problems with my first pregnancy. They took great care of me and baby then, and even though this pregnancy is so far looking much better, they're keeping a very careful eye on me to spot any problems well in advance.

I'm due to see both midwife and obstetrician on Monday so will be mentioning it then anyway. They'll be doing urine, BP, bloods, scan as routine, they always do (they're thorough!) and so far all bloods and urine have been fine.

Thanks for your advice though. I just hope it doesn't itch like this for the next 18 weeks! Cold showers are definitely worth a try.


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Try body lotion or camimile lotion to soothe it


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that should help but if it pesists ask pharmacy - they will advise you x


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yea i had it but was that disorder u can get was ruled out every time so my midwife suggested body lotion or cream thats cold to the touch lol. I had it with both kids but worse with my eldest - it went once she was born and i started about 2 months before she was due x


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When my itching was very bad and i had tried everything else my gp gave me menthol aqueous cream, this was the only thing that seemed to stop my severe itching and cool my skin.

sukie sue

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hey ib , how are you hunni ???
hope youre doing well , when are you due ?
i hope youve got youre itching under control xxx


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i had this and the liver condition was ruled out. the soles of my feet were the worst! used to wake me in the night:rolleyes:

calamine lotion helped me

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