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any tips please?

OK for the last three months I have been fine. I live alone so I just gave all the food in my flat to friends and filled the cupboard with my Cd packs and the fridge with fizzy water.
However, I teach - and I have to do 5 parties with kids one per hour tomorrow and sit and look at crisps and biscuits. I managed to get through one today but I swear those crisps were looking at me.
I have told myself they are full of fat and greasy and the 5 seconds of pleasure from haivng one is nothing compared to the whole week of pleasure at having lost - but it's hard.
Tomorrow I will have to go through this 5 times and Monday and Tuesday 5 times each .
Help please!
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I'd be stuffing my gob with listerine strips throughout keeping that hot minty taste going...well that puts me off wanting to eat anything! but we're all different.

It is hard aint it though when your surrounded by all that party food. Just keep thinking about how WELL you've done so far!


Lovin it !!! :)
I would suggest Gum too - and keep the thoughs in your head of
"is it really worth it ? " and will only be cheating yaself " harder said than done I know but if you have done 3months successfully - you sure as hell can do 5 hours !!! You go for it - dare ya...........
I try and imagine myself after i had done it, im often in this senario!-i have joked about it before, once i spent at least 5 mins with a choc mini roll about an inch from my face the whole time- this was the first time i broke the cycle and didnt eat it. Once you have eaten it think and imagine how your would really feel, honestly, i then get this huge guilt trip, also if you think your at breaking point and you really are desperate! have some chicken or something around so you can eat that instead of any carbs. Also imagine how proud you will be with yrself looking back after monday and tuesday if you get through it knowing you didnt do any cheating- thats got to be worth it! good luck xxx
If they look at you stare them out you will win. If you can get through this its a major major breakthrough for you in changing your eating habits after CD treat it as a challenge maybe even reward yourself with a little treat like a manicure or something you really want (not food) if you don't............I have faith in you. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!
Thanks - well I got through tonight, but tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday are going to be a nightmare. Unfortunately I don't like gum and I am too much of a mint wimp for the listerine strips. Keeping my mind on how disappointed I would be with myself if I give in is helping.
Groans - I am dreading tomorrow. I WILL get through it though. I have to prove to myself that I can change my habits.
Thanks for all the advice and encouragement - it is much appreciated and much needed!
so how did it go at the party, we had out xmas work party last night at a nice indian restaurant, but i didnt go :( i knew i wud find it difficult not to eat a curry of have the naan bread so safer to stay at home and have tomato soup packet! anyway there will be next yr when im slimmer and look and feel better!! x


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I've been through it all this week, and did pick fun size chocolate, and feel like rubbish because I did. I didn't even enjoy it, but like you when you teach there is soo much rubbish around at this time. I mean really I live of chocolate milkshake, did I really need more of the stuff.

It really isn't worth it..... don't do it, you will regret it, I do!


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You can tell I was ranting in the above post, how many times did I use the word really!
I mean really I live of chocolate milkshake, did I really need more of the stuff.
thats sooo funny and soooo true but its that girlie choccy thing!!! we are choc addicts in the main and i'd kill for a galaxy :rolleyes: but im strong lol even thoug yes....we drink choc every bloomin day!

lol you HAD to go and mention galaxy didn't you! :) good job I can't get it in Spain.
Well I got through the parties ok but then went a little haywire yesterday and just had a whole day off and had chicken and chips then more chips at the pictures when I went to see Avatar.
However, not kicking myself over it at all. It was something that I needed to get out of my system and today I am back on track. This morning when I got up I felt like I had a hangover, really sluggish and horrible so I won't be repeating the day off for a long time. I like how my body feels when I wake up in the mornings on CD and I didn't like how I felt this morning.
I have 2 more days of parties to get through but picking my mum up tomorrow and she will be with me and as she is doing cd too we will stick to it.

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