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Any vegetarians out there who can answer my Q...


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I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to start cutting meat out of my diet and have slowly been doing this since, for the last 5 days I have gone completly meat free and to be honest I feel dreadful :sigh:. I have made sure to have plenty of fruit and veg, I have been making salads with quinoa and using nuts as my healthy B extra. I am just wondering whether it is my body detoxing from all the meat? Anyone else have this problem when they first cut meat out? I feel headachy and tired with a constant sore throat.:cry:On the upside it seems to be helping me drop weight quite well and I do not miss meat at all :)
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Hiya I'm not a vegetarian but it sounds like your iron levels may have dropped? Maybe take an iron tablet and vitamin C (to help your body absorb the iron) everyday? I'm interested to hear the response you get as I'm thinking of cutting out red meat as well.


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I think it is probably your body adjusting. I've been vegetarian for 17 years now and I feel great! I follow green days (occasionally extra easy). Honeyoc is probably right about your iron levels though - I was very low a few years back (although didnt really have any side affects) but I take a daily supplement now and I have regular checks at the doctors and now I'm fine. I would stick with it for a bit longer and see if your body adjusts.


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try add quorn into ur diet its full of protein and really low in fat! ive been a veggie since i was a kid but when i feel like that its normally from not gettin enough iron and protein and the quron really helps! hope u feel better soon!


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You are probably not getting enough protein if you were eating meat regularly and have now cut it out completely. I have been vegetarian for 15 years and went through a spell of being tired and exhausted all the time.
When I looked at my diet it was lacking in protein as I was eating lots of fruit, veg and carbs - it also slowed down my weight loss. I now get protein from quorn, cheese, eggs and cereal (in line with the plan of course!)
Hope this helps


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Thanks guys, I am going to buy some iron tablets today and hopefully I will start to feel better. I have used some quorn products and quinoa as they are both high in protein. I just hope this feeling doesnt last because I am enjoying green days and find it alot easier to incorporate fruit and veg into my day


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I really doubt it's much to do with iron or protein levels tbh, you've only cut out meat for 5 days. Your body stores iron and it's not been long enough for these stores to go down so drastically. Your body is probably just adjusting to your new diet.

Try not to worry about protein and iron, if you're eating a varied diet with plenty of whole grains, beans, lentils, dark leafy greens etc then you'll be getting enough.

You should feel better in a few days :)


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It may not be anything to do with cutting out meat. The fact you have a sore throat with it suggests maybe it could be a mild viral thing? There are lots of funny things still going around.

I was veggie for 2 yrs along time ago. I did lack iron and used to take spa tone liquid iron (in sachets) and found this really helped.

Hope you feel better soon:)


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All suggestions above sound really good- I would also add- that you should be careful not to take too much iron- you can damage your liver if your take too much- and if the problem still does not resolve- try posting your food diary and then it might be more obvious if you lack something.


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How long have you been onthe SW plan? If you a releatively new convert then it may just be sugar withdrawal. Lots of people find they feel really tired and lacking in energy due to the sudden drop in sugar but it passes fairly quickly.

I hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy your new vegetarian diet!


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Tbh, as it's only been five days since you ate meat I'd be very surprised if feeling ill had anything to do with going veggie at all. It sounds to me that you've just picked up a bug. I've been veggie for 24 years and had no problems associated with my diet (apart from eating too much lol!) Hope you feel better soon.


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I've had a sore throat and been feeling tired since Friday and my daughter's off work sick with similar but worse symptoms, so it could just be one of the nasty winter bugs that's going around.