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Any way to combine CD with non-diet food?


I know it sounds like a contradiction but.....
I sooooo love potatoes!!! I want to be able to eat new potatoes, mash, jacket spuds and chips!!!! Yeah daft idea. But I've been doing VLCD of LT or CD since last May and I'm starting to wonder if I can continue? I've lost over 6st, but I'm only just over half-way. I actually enjoy having CD for breakfast and lunch...... but I sooo want potato for tea.... and yes chips sometimes. Proper chippy chips with just salt and vinegar on! Is there anyway to make that possible and still lose weight??
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Possibly but you will lose the cushion of ketosis, your losses will be erratic, and you may find combining those carbs with CD means you get the worst of both worlds :(


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My advice for what it's worth is get to goal first!! I tried to add in a few bits and pieces and before long i had well and truly slipped off the wagon. Think of it like the thin end of a wedge - you start off with good intentions to only add this or that but soon portions become bigger, it's not only a few things your adding and you've gone back to eating like you did before.
You are half way there and have done so well. You dont want to let a few spuds ruin it for you - tell your chatterbox to leave you alone and keep remind yourself you can have potatoes when you've done - they arent going anywhere and they'll still be around for you to enjoy. :)


As DQ says, the carbs in potatoes will destroy your ketosis. If you want to lose the weight quickly then a strict VLCD is the best method, even though you are looking at another 6 months to your target. If you really can't live without the potatoes then maybe slimming world would suit you better, they do allow baked potatoes on the green days I believe. (I can't actually think of any diet which includes chips!) But the losses will probably only be about half those on a VLCD.

Have you thought ahead to what you will be doing when your diet is finished? Will you be following a healthy eating plan like GI, or will you be doing a sort of good during the week and naughty at weekends approach. I'm nearly at goal and trying to get normal eating habits again, but my demons (biscuits rather than potatoes) are really calling me. I am trying to have a strategy which allows me moderate amounts of things I like while avoiding overdoing it.

You will have your own priorities and strengths, some people are able to drop the VLCD for a while then pick it up again when ready to continue, others can never get back on the wagon again. I hope you find a way that suits you and reach your goal, you've done so well up till now.


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Hi Lesley

If you really want to have potatoes & stay with CD then you could always do the 1000 cal plan as this introduces starchy carbs such as potatoes (old, new, sweet), brown rice, wholemeal pasta & cous cous. Can't have the chips though!

This will of course take you out of ketosis and slow your losses down, but you'll still lose weight, 1000 cals is still a low-calorie diet, plus you'll still be having 2 CD packs per day, so will still be getting all your essential nutrients & vitamins from the packs plus the food. You can also have a breakfast and a salad for lunch.

Have you spoken to your CDC or do you have the yellow book, which will tell you more about it.

At the end of the day you have to do what suits you and maybe moving up to another CD plan with slower losses is better than staying on SS, getting fed-up and blowing it totally.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do & keep up the good work, you've done brilliantly so far.


Thanks Helen and Clairejen.
Would I be able to 'get back on the wagon' afterwards? Maybe not. I did try a low carb 790 a few weeks ago and ended it with a binge and struggle to return to SS. To be honest everything has seemed much harder since!

Congrats on new CDC status M-Dotty !!!
Wondering about the 1000 cal version.... can it be done with 2 shakes and no other brekky or lunch? Thereby allowing more cals for dinner? or just lower than 1000? Not sure if it would be a good idea or bad for me and my chatterbox?


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Hi, Congratulations on the amazing weight loss.

Just one comment, I'm a recovered potato addict and erm I think you may be one too.

I couldn't live without potato. At one stage, I actually said that I'd rather be fat than live without them! Ive got over that by complete abstinence, but without overdramatising, I think like alcohol, you are never cured.

My cravings now usually start if something emotional happens that I am refusing to acknowledge has u[set me. May not be the same for you at all, but has something happened that may have triggered an old pattern of behaviour?

The other thing about spuds is that they raise serotonin levels in the brain. Low carb diets and winter both depress the happy hormone level. Perhaps a break in the sun calls (it's a great excuse)

Apologies if I'm way off base here, but HTH


Spud addict? hmm.. hadn't thought of that one??? For trigger? Nothing emotional more than usual happening.. However I do know this particular craving started when I was hand-feeding OH while he was driving us home cos he had to go straight out again and didn't have time to stop to eat. The fish didn't bother me, but the chips with salt n vinegar on right under my nose and all over my fingers drove me NUTS!!! :eek: :(
I guess right now I'm just scared I'll blow it totally so trying hard to find a solution and hang in there


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Lesley I'm with Soraya on this one, I don't think any of us could handle chip-shop chips and not crave them, I wouldn't even have wanted to smell them when I was SSing, let alone feed them to someone else. You're a stronger woman than you realise you are to be able to do that, I'd have shoved them in his face or thrown them out of the window, there's no way I would have done that. It's hard being around any food when you're SSing, that's why lots of people eat apart from their families, or get hubbies to cook, which mine did. I would have struggled if I'd continued to cook every day, on the days I did cook it was so hard not to taste just one tiny bit, which leads to another etc, etc.

If can resist those chips you can do anything, you've lost 6 stone, that's awesome, you've proved you can be extremely strong-willed. If you can hang on to that and stick with SS you'll lose that weight so much quicker, which is so motivating in itself.

If you do go up to a higher plan, I would recommend trying to follow the plan as laid down by Cambridge i.e. breakfast & salad at lunch, you can omit them & have more at dinner, but its not recommended.

All the best Lesley - I am seriously in awe of your achievement. You ARE incredibly strong.