Anybody changed from LL to CD after foundation?


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Hi, I am coming to the end of LL foundation (3 weeks to go) and last night at group we were asked to consider what our plans were for the next stage. Cost is quite important to me so I am considering changing to CD; however, I am wary of doing so because this is the first time I have really been successful at dieting and I don't want to mess up:confused: . I have 5 lbs to lose to achieve the 3 stone weight loss promised by xmas and I am delighted; I haven't weighed this little for 16 years! To get to a healthy bmi I need to lose a further 20lbs. I plan to have xmas dinner (but only turkey and veg, no potatoes) so trying to be sensible and then get back to dieting straight away, probably boxing day. I have done so well but have a fear of piling the weight back on. So was wondering if anybody else has changed over to CD and what experience they have had? It would be interesting to see how I'lldoit is managing having changed to WW recently but haven't seen any posts from her.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear back from you all.
Hiya! I changed from LL to CD last Feb after having done LL for 88 days.

I found the changeover to be smooth as sik as I was still in ketosis.

I will confess I'm struggling to maintain my weight now (and have put a bit of weight back on but that's my own stupid fault because I thought I had cracked it (and I obviously haven't lol).

I did the foundation programme on LL last Jan-April, and I lost 5 stone. I was pleased with this, but just could not justify the £66 per week. It was difficult, as I liked my Counsellor, but I changed to Cambridge.
I have NEVER regretted that decision. My CDC was excellent, and the changeover was trouble free. I continued to lose another 6 stone with Cambridge.
I am now a Cambridge Counsellor myself.
Unless you think you are getting £34 worth of counselling each week, I can't think of a sensible reason NOT to change.
I have not switched from LL to Cd but from Lipotrim to CD. But I think all these three programmes are same which is VLCD. They work on the same concept except for the level of councelling. So it should not be a problem to do that
Thanks for your input. So can anyone tell me what the cost is of CD, how many pack you have etc. Westhills, which programme did you go on when you changed over to CD? Was is SS, or 790? I'm still in two minds, but I think I will change over. 66 pounds a week is a lot of money!
I just kept on the same - Lighter Life to Cambridge Sole Source. LL is 4 x 30g packs a day, and CD is 3 x 40g packs a day, so at first I divided my CD packs up into 4 x 30g "portions", but soon found I didn't have to do this any more.
Cambridge Sole Source is around £32.55 per week (more if you are 5'8" tall) - a big saving.
Did you know that Cambridge make both Lighter Life and Lipotrim?
I would find a CD Counsellor from the website, and give her (or him) a ring.