Anybody else started Slimfast this week?

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by therightrachel, 1 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hey, just been browsing this week, seems most people started a few weeks back, properly after New year! I was intending to do the same but as it was my daughter's birthday on the 14th Jan and mine on the 21st, I thought I'd better start after!

    It seems quite quiet here, hope there are some slimfast buddies still going for support!!

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  3. Hi I've just started today I saw your post when I was just online searching for a buddy I'm around the same weight as you prob 2pounds more I need to get down to 10stone xx
  4. Tispy

    Tispy Full Member

    Hi I started slim fast again yesterday. I have a fair bit to lose at the moment. Good luck in your weight loss :)
  5. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    Im restarting today as well. Have a lot to lose though.
  6. Hi guys, first day going good so far! I've had two shakes some green tea , satsumas and a low calorie snack, fish for dinner or some grilled chicken, how did everyone else get on?? X
  7. Hi girls! So tomorrow morning will be the first week weigh in for me.. i don't feel like I've lost anymore than when I did a cheeky weigh in on day 5! Tonight was tough at work, I work in a pub/restaurant and it was the toughest out of the whole week. I was close to having a chip but I thought if I had one then I'd have more. But I didn't, I kept strong lol. And the crisps and nuts seemed to be shouting my name!! I've actually had to come to bed with a proper hunger which hasn't been the case the past week so don't know why today as I've kept to plan. Anyhow we will see in the morning what the numbers are saying!

    Also Disney princess I've been taking green tea extract tablets cause I can't stand the taste of it along with raspberry ketone tablets, they seem to work good as they are just clearing me out so to speak!

    Good luck girls, let's fight this flab!! Xx
  8. Lou_lou1979

    Lou_lou1979 Member

    Hi! Am starting SF today. Bit apprehensive as I'm worried I'll feel hungry. Are you finding you get used to it after a while? Xx
  9. Hey 'Rachel' I want to get some tablets but I have a real problem swallowing them so I will ask my doctor if there are any dissolvable ones she can give me,

    Lou Lou I'm on day two and I haven't felt hungry yet I even skipped one of my snacks yesterday! With the snacks you can have anything under 100calories so yoghurts, quavers/skips etc even two finger kit Kats... Yum yum I will limit my self to only two a week though.

    Day two and I had a really nice grilled chicken and veg dinner last night :) x
  10. Hey Lou lou, it does get easier. I found it to be quite easy, last night was my most testing night, other then that it has been fine!!

    Good result girls. I'm down 7 lbs from this time last week, woop!!

    Rachel xx
  11. Lou_lou1979

    Lou_lou1979 Member

    Princess, Rachel - that's reassuring, I guess once I get used to it I'll be fine. Gonna fill up on water as well to curb the hunger!

    Well done on the 7 pound loss Rachel, that's fantastic!
  12. I think the fact that I was on when I started slimfast probably helped that weight loss, I always tend to feel more bloated at the beginning, I think the weight loss will slow down now.

    Lou Lou how's the day going for you? Xx
  13. Lou_lou1979

    Lou_lou1979 Member

    Ok thanks Rachel. I had a shake for breakfast and just had my shake for lunch which seems to have filled me up. Three people brought cakes into work today and I successfully avoided them, so going well so far!
    How about you?
  14. Hey Lou Lou weight watchers do cake slices for under 90 calories a slice if you want some cake!
  15. Lou_lou1979

    Lou_lou1979 Member

    Hmmm interesting! I'd prob find it difficult to stop at one slice though...:-/

    TRIVENAM Getting there!!!

    Hi Girls,
    Im starting tomorrow and cannot wait! I lost track over xmas and have gained 11lb since :( I feel so fat today that I am determined not to ruin all my hard work from last year lol! great loss in your first week thrightrachel!!! if i got near that well id be god dam over the moon! whats everyone having for din dins :D and about how many calories are you eating for it?? thanks all x trivena
  17. Thanks trivena, I do feel like it's going to be hard to lose loads again this week though! And Lou Lou same for me, can't stop when I have a tiny bit of what I'm craving, it's awful!
    So today I've had a shake for brekkie, a meal bar for dinner, took kids to Maccy's and I ended up having a chicken nugget and a fish finger :-o willpower does not like me :-( I haven't had my first two snacks for today yet though so hoping it will kinda cancel things out a bit, I feel naughty! So will be having tea later, not sure what yet then take a snack to work to have about 7ish.

    How are things going on your first day trivena? Also how are things with you princess?

    Xx Rachel xx
  18. Tispy

    Tispy Full Member

    How is everyone doing today? I have had a good few days so far. Not been as hungry as the first 2 days

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  19. Hi Rachel, things r good thanks! Day three and I'm on a roll today only had half my shake for lunch as I had a sneaky vodka and apple juice at lunch which I blame on a work colleague! fish for dinner tonight with veg... How's it going for you today? X
  20. Sorry forgot about the chicken nugget/fish finger thing lol, it's not bad though!i would of had a whole meal haha. I haven't actually felt hungry in the last three days! Going for dinner on sat night as a early valentines meal ill try and be as healthy as I can! X
  21. han110889

    han110889 Member

    Hi, im new here, started yesterday, 4th Feb, going well. I am a massive sugar addict so decided on slim fast this time. Ive been on so many diets desperate to stick to this one.

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