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Anybody else struggle to eat breakfast ?

I am doing healthy eating so would like to try and eat three meals a day ! But I find it really hard to eat breakfast, sometimes the thought of it will actually make me feel sick. But then when it comes to midday Im absolutely starving and thats when my diet will go wrong! Anybody else had this problem and been able to change it ? :-(
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listen to yourself....I know at least 2 people who have a normal BMI and who actually never eat breakfast :my mother and my husband. I don't know much about the way my mother eats but what I know is that my husband has his "breakfast" just before going to bed. That's the way it works for him. If you look at the patterns of our ancestors the habit of "breaking fast" was after several hours of work. It happened around 9 AM and it was a break after having gotten up at 5 AM and worked in the field until then while having not eaten anything. That's actually where they would burn the most of fat....(and the reason why it is advised to have a workout before breakfast). So I really think all this talk about breakfast is a total nonsense. As long as you have regular meals you can have them at anytime during the day.
I know for instance that when I eat a good breakfast I even eat more during the day....
Just make sure you eat something breakfasty at mid morning? I don't always eat breakfast as I'm too busy but I do quite often eat a late supper?

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Now me..I couldn't go with out breakfast but I am an early riser..

Why not try some banana on Ryvita mid morning?? Very tasty :D
Breakfast is my fave meal of the day but if I'm running late or just don't feel like it I usually grab a small carton of orange juice or make myself a latte just to make sure I get through the morning. For me having something first thing gives me better control over the food choices later in the day.


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I never used to like eating in the morning. Just never felt hungry.

Most days now I have a Complan shake (obviously Slim Fast or whatever will do the same job, I use Complan cos it's cheaper!), because it's not like "proper food" (which I still don't really like first thing) and because I never get up early enough to fix a "proper" breakfast, I just have time to mix it, down it and go.

It has definitely woken my metabolism up! I do feel hungry in the mornings now, and again mid-morning, where I used to go through to midday and then stuff myself!

Maybe give it a try for a few days and see how it goes? If you still don't want to eat, you'll know it's just not for you rather than a habit you can break.


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boggins..Isn't Complan very high in calories???
I never used to eat breakfasts and like you I was starving by lunch time, now I have one even if its a yogurt, and I have noticed it does make a difference to how I feel in the day
bananas are good because they release energy slowly, so you wont have a 'crash' and suddenly feel starving and that you need to eat something.

keep one in your bag and eat it when you feel you can stomach something mid-morning.
If I eat breakfast I can not stop eating all day, therefor I dont do breakfast and if I'm feeling peckish before lunch I'll just have a piece of fruit x


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boggins..Isn't Complan very high in calories???
Complan made with water is 247 calories, which is less than a sixth of my calorie allowance for the day (before exercise). If your count is lower then maybe it would be too much.

However, 50g of porridge oats with semi-skimmed milk is 237 cals.
A large banana and a cup of orange juice is 230 cals.
(Figures from MyFitnessPal)

So I don't think Complan at 247 is too much, and it's just easier to take in the morning, for me anyway.
I have always struggled to eat breakfast. Mainly because I do not feel hungry first thing, I am usually too busy, rushing to get showered and dressed and miss the rush hour traffic.

Then I would be hungry by 9.30/10am. I used to take snacks of fruit and mini babybell cheese to fill me up until lunchtime. If I forgot to bring a snack to work, I felt starving until lunchtime.

Since following Diet Chef, where they supply the meals, I have been training myself to eat breakast. I didn't feel like it at first, I am now used to eating breakfast. I get up a little earlier to make the time to eat. If I am rushing, I take my cereal and milk with me to work in the special 'Stayfit' portable cereal and milk tuppaware.

Keep trying with breakfast

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