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Anybody used quinoa?

i use it all the time.
boil as on packet then have either hot in the place of rice/cous cous with chilli, curry etc

cold in a tabboulah type salad - i had one at the weekend with peppers, olives, spring onions, tomatoes, coriander, basil etc - lovely

can also make up hot into a porridge with skimmed milk

just experiment!

daisy x
meant to say - great pictures...you must be so pleased!


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I've never heard of it either Anders. Let us know how you get on. I'm looking forward to experimenting.

Daisy thanks for the info. xx


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Quinoa - wonderful stuff, never tried before RTM but really like it now.

As daisy says just experiment with it :)


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I boil mine, and then mix in some savoury powder (nowdays I boil it with an Oxo cube - but Marigold will work fine) and mix it with torn up chicken. I gave some to my boyfriend the other day and he liked it! Lol. :)
The only thing I don't like about quinoa is that it's a pain in the bum since it's so tiny! UGH! Gets absolutely everywhere.


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I was think about using it as a substitute for brown rice with chili con carne. Next week I'm in week 3 of RTM and am allowed beef and tomato so I can make a Chilli con Carne (without beans!)

Rump Steak cut into small cubes and 'dry fried'
Tin Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Garlic (instead of onion)
Chopped Chilli
Marigold Stock (instead of Beef Stock)

Served with quinoa and either Veg or Salad?

Mind you - I'm not sure I'm supposed to have quinoa AND beef at this stage


...we're sinking deeper.
Quinoa is a source of protein - you can have both in one meal, but half portions I think. :) Plus I'm not entirely sure if quinoa is a great substitute for rice, it's more of a sticky porridge consistency because it's so fine. Perhaps try cauliflower as a sub. for rice, it works really well!
Pulse some cauliflower in a blender into quite fine bits, microwave for a couple of minutes, it comes out really well. :D


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I tried the cauliflower for rice thing when I was on the Atkins diet (lost 2 st put 4 st back on again)- don't like cauliflower that much - mind you I'm eating it raw as a snack so maybe I'll give it another go...

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