Anyone’s saggy skin rebounded after time?


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Hi everyone, I’m about to turn 40 in a couple of months, I’ve lost three stone already (out of 10 I need to lose), but I can see my body is getting saggy.
I know obviously I’m going to end up with a lot of sagginess with this much weight to lose, but I was wondering with any of you incredible guys that have lost 8+ stone whether once you lost it and you were saggy, after time, did any of your skin bounce back?
Thanks for your help 😊
JJJ, I think everyone is different, not only with amount of skin that sags and also how much it bothers them. My sister is at goal, she lost 14 stone, she has some sag but as she says a good pair of knickers and she is good to go;). the one area for her she hates is between her thighs but they look a lot better then when she was 25 stone. I am just over half way in my journey weight wise and I can see it starting, and I think my stomach and arms are going to be my areas, stomach I can do something about following my sisters example, the arms not so much.