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Anyone a solicitor/union rep or knowledgable about work law??


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I aint a solicitor, but i do know bits and bobs.
Dont know if you have tried but the MSE forums know a lot about things like this


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I think your best option is the citizen's advice centre rather than an online forum where you don't know how qualified people are to give advice.


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I'm with Circes - the Citizen's Advice Bureau is your best bet I think, get yourself onto them tomorrow morning. Hope everything is ok x


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I am an HR Manager, might be able to help you, if you dont wish to post on here pm me :)
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I've had a written warning, which I feel is totally unfair because the boss isn't able to see it as a one off incident (had a couple complaints over a year ago) anyway I've handed in my notice. Can't work with him anymore........thanks for all your offers of help but even if i did appeal and won I would still have to work with him!
I am so sorry to hear you are having problems at work. there is nothing worse than the feeling of having to go to work and see someone you dislike especially when it is your boss. hope all works out in your favor, it is a real shame you have to leave your job.
If you boss is making it impoosible to work with him and given you unfair warnings then you could go for 'constructive dismissal' at a tribual and get compensation that way. Would need to have worked there 2 years i think but might be worth talking to Citizens Advice about it x
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Probably too late for you, now, but HR gave me an independent advisor and he has been brilliant.
I was bullied and then victimised by management for putting in a grievance against the bully. See my diary link below.
Still off sick but as I get better I feel the will to fight is still there;)
Occ Health tell me they are appalled at the number of people having problems at work and are very supportive of me, as is my doctor. However the bully normally relies on an individuals weakness and the lack of strength and willingness to fight.
I am a typical example of what happens if you stand up for what is right, sadly:confused:

Good luck for future work:)

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