Anyone also count cals aswel???


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I did it the first week I was on the plan but once I realised that what I was eating was well within the healthy limits for weight loss I stopped doing it.


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i reckon if i had to start counting calories, I would throw in the towel- I dont want to waste time doing all that ..I want to eat proper food and not do the maths !!


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No, not at all....couldn't be doing with that!!! LOL


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No, i don't count cals, i kinda think the purpose of sw is so that we can have a healthy diet without counting anything.
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I find it a pain having to count a few syns, I would go mad if I had to count calories too lol
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I have tracked my calorie intake over a few days and have found it sits around the 1200 - 1350 mark so I'm happy with that.


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Nope. I have no interest in calories or diets. Which is why the only 'diet' I have ever followed is this one. And it works.

I have noted over the months that it is 'serial dieters' who keep counting calories/gramms of fat etc. that don't manage to stick to SW. Beleive in the power of free food, and stop trying to create a diet within a diet! lol SW works. It really, really does.


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When I count the calories, it marks the end of my sw plan!

It sends me off the rails, I have done it the other day, and now I feel I am in "diet" not giving a toss about what I am eating.

Not sure if its something that I do, that triggers this. I mjust find out, else I will never reach goal.

During these times I do maintain though, hence why its took me over 2 years to lose this vmuch so far.

I am off to take myself in hand!


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Absolutely not!

To me the beauty of SW is you don't have to worry about the weight or calorie content of the free food.:D
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SW is a lifestyle, it is formulated to allow you to lose weight whilst also living your life. It is not a diet, it's not a quick fix, it's for a healthy life. There are a great team of scientists and nutritionalist working hard to make the plan as easy for us as possible so why make it harder for yourself? You are setting yourself up to fail by counting the calories! The plan works, enjoy it x


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I did it the other day, just out of curiosity and I was around the 1200 mark. I don't count them usually though...that would be a pain in the bum and I CBA with that!!