Anyone alternate between SS & SS+


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Hey guy's,

Just been wondering if anyone alternates between SS and SS+, if so how does it work for you?

The reason I'm asking is I find it vertually impossible to do Cambridge at my boyfriend's house, I stay there every other weekend as he lives an hour away. So i'm thinking of SS during the week, then SS+ on weekends.

Feel free to let me know if I am being stupid and if this would ruin my chances of getting anywhere :)

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Hiya, I sometimes alternate between the 2. It hasn't seemed to affect my weightlosses. I'm really strict with what I eat if I'm having an ss+ day though, I weigh my chicken and veg to make sure I'm not over the allowance. I only ever have SS+ days if I'm still hungry after I have all my packs, but I'd say I do it less than half the week.

I think you've just got to try and see what happens cos everyone's different. I didn't do this at first because I didn't have enough willpower to stop at the one tiny meal, but now I'm an old hand lol and it's the only thing thats helping me stay on track to the very end.

Providing you don't have more than the allowance you'll still lose weight, it just might not be as fast as it is if you stick purely to SS.

Hope all that rambling has helped (PS - it was my CDC who suggested I alternate.) xx