Anyone been to Marsa Alam?


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Hi Barb, I've never been, but my boss out of work was in Egypt this year..... I have no idea where she stayed, but she didnt like it at all. That said, she is a real foodie, and her main complaint was that the food was horrific..her words, not mine! She went with her hubby and her 2 kids and they all hated it.

I know thats not much help to you, but then again, if you take some CD packs you wouldnt have to worry about how bad the food is!! To be honest, she focused so much on how bad the food was and the long flight that she didnt really mention anything else!


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Hi Barb..
I went to Eygpt in June this year for 2 weeks and its BRILL.
We stayed in Sharm el sheikh, at a hotel called Hauza Beach,
The food was good all hotels cater for everybody,
Our hotel was a 5* and in british standards it was prob a 4* but they can not do enough for you..

The weather is Fantastic in June is was 40/45 degrees every day.
I loved it so much my hubby has booked us a week in march next year (without the kids)

I would recommend you go.. fab hols.



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Thanks Cara, that is very encouraging!



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Been to Sharm

Went to Sharm in May this year and stayed at Tropicana Garden Palms, booked through Portland direct, it is an exclusive to Thompson uk hotel,it only cost £455 for a fortnight, the hotel was fantastic, food was gorgeous, I would recomend this hotel to anyone, you should check out reviews on hotels on tripadvisor, I would recomend sharm you are guarenteed the weather and the place is beautiful and great for diving or snorkling.