Anyone been watching GMTV Paul McKenna


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I actually taped it because I was going to work. I've just watched it now. They have a bloke on who in the past lost 11 stone - there was a picture of him looking fab. But he put it all back on plus 2 stone more.

Why do we do this to ourselves? I felt quite depressed after seeing this. I wonder whether I am wasting my time losing all this weight (yet again) only to put it back on again. NO, that's the wrong attitude I know. THIS time I WILL succeed. I have to.

I mean, he must have felt fantastic, fit, gorgeous, active etc. Why did he fXXX it up? (Why did I?)

I'm rambling a bit here. If you can imagine me pacing the room ranting, yup, that's how I am feeling at the moment.

Maybe he couldn't cope with the attention he got? That figures.

Paul McKenna had the four candidates eating a breakfast that they had chosen fromthe GMTV canteen - with blindfolds on. This was to slow down their eating so that their tummies could tell their brain that it was full! It seemed to work. No-one finished the breakfast, they all stopped when full.

PMc says that overweight people tend to eat too quickly (I would agree with that), but that it takes time for the tummy to communicate that fact to the brain, which can then say "you are full". Slowing down the eating process is an important part of the programme.

It's interesting stuff. I will record all the programmes this week.
I love the Paul McKenna system, but no two ways around it you need to be in a good place to handle it. Have missed him on GMTV but I faithfully listen to his 'programme your mind to slim your body' every night :)
sounds good..I'll tape it too..i actually caught a glimpse of it this am and they were very matter of fact about his weight gain and it just seemed to skip over it..but did say he hadnt changed his habits..i think thats where LL is making me more conscious although I still LOVE certain foods...guess that'll never change but hopefully my control of it will!!!

Will watch with interest...breakfast blindfolded....sounds messy!
Yeh Olijames, I am thinking that it would be amusing to actually make breakfast blindfolded too, that would be REALLY messy!

DQ - you obviously find that listening to the CD helpful. Does it help you to focus on 'changing your mind'. Is it like hypnotherapy? Does it send you to sleep? Can you listen whilst driving?
DQ - you obviously find that listening to the CD helpful. Does it help you to focus on 'changing your mind'. Is it like hypnotherapy? Does it send you to sleep? Can you listen whilst driving?

It's helped me re-focus because it talks about eating what your body needs and what YOU choose. I choose to eat my 4 CD packs per day.

I listen to it as I go to sleep - sometimes I hear it all the way through, sometimes not.

Under no circumstances should you listen to it whilst driving or operating machinery, as it sends you into a 'trance' :cool:



The one I have is an old one I got from Ebay - programme your mind to slim your body - but the I Can Make You Slim book is excellent :)
Thanks for your reply DQ.

Since I've been doing LL I have been totally focused and single-minded. I can see that I have achieved a lot of weight loss and I have been feeling really confident about having a slim future.

Today, after looking at this guys previous 'after' photos and seeing him today just seemed to expose a chink in my armour that I hadn't realised was there.

Underneath, I am afraid that I may ultimately be on the course for failure. After all my hard work and effort, I cannot bear the thought that I could fail (again). I really can't.

So I guess that watching the programme brought my lack of confidence to the fore to kick me up my (much smaller) bum.

It's not all bad news, I am going to write out a 'thought record' to help me put it all in perspective. After all, the past doesn't have to be the future, does it? NOT THIS TIME, ANYWAY!

Regards to everyone else who posted!!!