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anyone changed from LL/CD to SL?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by ROSB, 6 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. ROSB

    ROSB Full Member

    Hi there

    Has anyone swapped over to Slimming World from LL or CD?

    I originally lost 6.5 stone a couple of years ago on LL/CD but have regained about 2 stone over the last 10 months.

    To be honest I am sick of the thought of dieting. I have been playing with WW but am soooo fed up of counting points only to reach my daily target then keep on eating! and despite the fact I have a cupboard full of CD packs I just cant face the thought of just them & water again.

    I have been reading my back issues of the SW mag (I collect ALL diet mags!) and have really liked the look of the receipies so wonder whether to give it a go.

    There is a local class near where I work so I could work a bit later and go straight there.

    Any advice will be much appreciated!
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  3. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    hi there, i have moved from cd to ww. when i stopped cd i put on 5lbs in 2 days but have been on ww for just over a week and my first week i lost 3lbs. i dont count points all the time but i find it easier to control my portion size when on ww and you really do have alot more freedon when your eating or drinking, let us know what yolu decide and good luck x x x
  4. Wishfairies

    Wishfairies Full Member

    I can relate to everything above. I am so good during the day, reach my sins and BANG, Get the munchies, snack, then think crap, ruined it now and eat and eat. Then start again the next day.
  5. ROSB

    ROSB Full Member

    i have so far today been able to SS with no problem. Perhaps it's the fact I am now on my 3rd litre of water.

    Feeling a little peckish right now but may have a bar shortly.
  6. fighting flab

    fighting flab Full Member

    Hi, I have only just found this forum! I was on lipotrim (similar to CD/LL) for 6 weeks and lost 2 st 5 lbs. I have now switched to slimming world and I'm sticking to the "original" plan as it is low carb. In the first week I lost a further 3.5 lbs which I was very pleased about...I thought I either would put weight on or at the best, stay the same when I started eating again! This is my 2nd week on SW and I'm doing ok (although I've been battling some chocolate cravings over the last couple of days - it's seeing all those Easter Eggs everywhere!!). My weigh in is on Tuesday after work. I'll keep popping on this forum for inspiration and tips. x
  7. yummy mummy

    yummy mummy Silver Member

    thats really good i wish i done that and didnt have a break in between x
  8. fighting flab

    fighting flab Full Member

    Hi Yummy Mummy.. you have done really well so far..hope you are having a good Easter break..love ff x
  9. vj

    vj Regular Member

    I did CD mainly last summer and re-started in Jan but only stone from target so joined SW. Weight loss isn't going great yet but love of eating healthy foods is. At least you've done it before and the mag recipies are fab aren't they?

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