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anyone cheated while on diet and how to get back on HELP!

:cry::eek::(:mad: Hi all, i just joined this forum the other day, i need support has anyone been on the CD diet and ate while being on it i have and its not been a week PATHETIC i feel angry with myself so can if anyone can realte to me pls tips/motivations how to jump up and start again i just let my self down but yet desperate to lose the extra weight HELP.................
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Laugh, love, live!
The best way to think of it hon is to put it behind you and move on. Make sure that you take all your CD packs during the day and think of this as just a blip. Its a hard diet but worth it and never forget YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT TOO!!! Good luck with your journey and use this forum for support, they're great on here xx
Chin up, just put it past you and start a fresh :) I had a can of diet coke yesturday and panicked and thought id ruined it all pathetic really when you think theres only 1 cal in the can lol. Just put it past you stick to it 100% and dont beat yourself up we're all human and all cave in from time to time :D
just get right back on it! ive had a few MASSIVE blips, over the past month and am learning more about myself and my eating problems each time it happens -

on thursday i got really drunk (not intentionally i might add, having not drank for a while and being on a VLCD left me a legless lightweight) and i also ate all manner of very bad things on the way home. friday was really hard with a hangover because thats when i usually comfort eat till my heart is content but i stuck to ss+ and today im going for a 5k jog/walk/crawl for all my sins.

i try extra hard right after i mess up, and have realised that my previous drinking patterns added to my weight gain,

if youre up to it do a bit of light cardio. it doesnt take much on a treadmill fast walking with slight elevation to get my heart rate up and into the fat burning zone,

good luck x
These things happen, learn from it, why did you do it etc.....
then just put it all behind you, clear your head and start fresh.
Good luck with a new day, and dont forget were all here for you next time you feel you lose control.

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