Anyone come to Atkins after CD?


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Hi There

I am currently on Cambridge. In ketosis. I don't think it is for me though. I can't stand the shakes and the soups .. and don't even go there on the porridge. It cracks me up that we are supposed to be coming off sweet stuff and all the shakes are so SWEET even the soups have a sweet saccharin taste to then.

I enjoy being in ketosis - it feels good, and I also love the fact I am doing without sugars. I can do without sugar! I feel it is the actual FOOD I can't do without - man, I would kill for a steak right now!

Is there anyone on here that started on CD and moved over the Atkins? I am in the process of reading the book and it looks amazing, kind of the diet "for me" as all the questions Dr. Atkins asks at the beginning I can answer with a YES. Sounds just like me. Basically I am wondering if I can make the transition from CD to Atkins phase 1 without coming out of Ketosis and gaining weight. I was always scared of Atkins because of the ketosis thing - but now I am there I know it's not scary ...

Any converts please give me a shout, I would love to hear from you!
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Hi, well I'm doing lipotrim at the moment, a bit like Cambridge, I'm thinking of going on to Atkins after lipotrim, as I have a protein meal a few nights a week while still on shakes, then might make a move to Atkins x


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I've done it. A few times. U should stay in ketosis yes but expect to gain a couple lbs I'd say as ur going back to food again.


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I could never dream of going TFR or VLCD - i'd miss eating too much! But there seem to be plenty on the Atkins boards who have successfully made the move over.

Welcome over if you decide to come :)


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I lost 4 stone on Cambridge and Came over to Atkins.....and I LOVE Atkins, I feel like I am being naughty eating lovely food lol (but after a break so I was out of ketosis)


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I was on Exante, and despite everything I just go so depressed not eating it made sticking with it difficult and horrible. I've also done CD.

I love ATKINS - day one so far and I've eaten yummy foods and not felt hungry. I'm monitoring my carbs, and eating really heathy foods from the allowed list for Induction. And, I've just discovered the bars (Choc indulgence is lush!)

Good luck


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Welcome and enjoy the food. Be careful with the bars though - they can reduce or stall losses somkeep for special occassions only not a daily treat. Actually best to avoid in first two weeks of induction really.


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I'm probably coming over from Exante in 11 days when my packs run out, and I won't be having a break. I'm expecting a gain but I'm sure it will come off again. Intend to go 'clean and green' for as long as possible!


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hello from a fellow CD.
after i came off cd i didn't follow anything,and put it all
back on,that was back then !
Atkins will work for you,follow the induction safe foods,
like already mentioned you may have a slight gain,however
it will come back off,and drink the water,it's so important,