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Anyone Doing The Simply Filling Technique?

Ok, so the counting points was definately not for me. I found it so hard to keep track constantly, so I`m trying the Simple Filling Technique which when I read up about it is basically choosing healthy low fat foods and eating 3 meals a day.
Oh and stopping when you know you`re satisfied.
Anyone lost any weight doing this? I`m only four days into it and I`ll weigh in on Fri so I`ll let you know how I get on!

Tanya xx
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Hi yep the 'old core plan'! a very good effective plan i think i wasted my 21 points on rubbish foods.!

Did that in my third week on ww and lost 6 lbs!

Good luck you will do well.x
Thanks Shanny, I can`t wait to weigh myself on Fri! I also log my waist size but I don`t expect to have lost an inch in a week! I bet I`ll check though lol!!

Tanya xx
Tanya you never know hun still record your measurements i think i may get my books back out on this plan.!

As i tell ya i felt lighter when eating the correct foods on this plan.
knowing yogurts fruits and veggies are 'free' too.!

But as i said the 21 points i went silly with suppose it's thinking and making the right choices on the foods you eat on the plan.x
To be honest I haven`t really done my homework properly cos I didn`t know anything about the extra points allowance for treats!
It`s because I really got the idea for this food plan from the NHS website and they give you a list of foods to eat regularly, one to eat in moderation, and one to avoid.
It`s common sense to be honest, we all know what`s healthy and what isn`t!

Tanya xx
I used the extra 21 points for treats and ate rubbish foods with them.!

But really the plan is not designed to do that really.! learnt from that mistake learnt alot of princples of the plan too.!

Are you starting today then?x
I started last Thu, and you know what did it? Seeing my mate who has lost a stone since new year! She hasn`t been on a diet, just stopped `eating crap` as she says and cut down on the alcohol.
She looks so skinny as she wasn`t `big` to start with!
I must admit I`m enjoying it and I`m not really finding it hard. I suppose the one time I won`t be able to follow it is when someone suggests fish & chips at the seaside now the weather`s getting better!
It won`t be every week tho so I guess that`s ok?

Tanya xx


plodding away
Good luck with the plan, I have to point everything as past experience with sw shows me I cannot do the eat until satisfied thing.
Im starting this on monday. How are you getting on so far?
Hey!!! Yep we can buddy up if you like!
Guess what I lost 5lbs this week!! Woo hoo!
I`m sticking to this!!
Hiya great stuff im going to get my shopping in this weekend

Wi was fabby well done you so did you just stick to 3 meals a day then? any 'treats'.!

I did only have 3 meals a day. I suppose I was lucky this week cos I didn`t have any special days out or any occasions and stuff.
It`s my daughters birthday a week tomo tho so it`ll be birthday cake and a meal out so that week will be interesting!
Thats amazing!!!
Can i be a buddy to? maybe we should have this as a little thread where we can help each other out? Ive not done it before and am a constant snacker so i would appreciate some encouragement.
Any takers? :)

Purplefish could you tell me some of the meals you have been having?
yep buddies we are!

Breakfast - fruit n fibre with semi skimmed milk
Lunch wholemeal roll with houmous, tomatoes, low fat yoghurt, banana and pear
Dinner - home made spag bol or paella or lasagne or anything home cooked and healthy
Can i ask you a question? Do you know if semolina is no count? Ive seen recipes with it in but its not in my list in my very old book? Im not sure if it was maybe added in later??
Worried as i wanted to use it in alot of recipes :(
Heeey... ladies im so glad to be back at home today lol right what do u think about this then??

B- 2 ww yogurts , banana

L- ww soup, fruit pot and a mulight yog

S- apple

D- carvery, beef,turkey, 2 small pototoe's with sweetcorn and veggies. (gravy i don't know about this, does it need points??)

pudding - 1 pineapple ring with yogurt

this is from monday thanx

cupcake don't know about the semolina sorry!! x
that sounds good! gravy would be points as its prob made with fat being from a carvey!
Not sure about the semolina either to be honest! I never use it, I do use cous cous quite a lot tho and add my own spices.
Sounds like a good amount of food there shanny! Don`t worry about the gravy if you`re eating out.
If i make my own gravy i use the water from the veggies and oxo cubes.

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