Anyone else a cambridge family lol


Norwich CDC
I was the first member of my family to embark on the cambridge diet, many told me that i wouldnt lose anything apart from my money each week and when i came off diet i had lost nearly 7stone in 26 weeks.(came off due to pregnancy now 25 weeks nearly) Then my sister joined me for 5 weeks and lost over 2 stone and came off due to pregnancy (now31weeks pregnant) What do they add to mix a mousse :p
So i took my cdc and officially started in October. To which my first customers where my hubby who lost 3stone in 9 weeks to get to goal and then my brother in law who lost nearly the same came off for christmas and is now back on again. Followed by my sil who lost weight to get to her goal.
Finally i have my mum on diet and is doing fantastic and tonight my dad said he is starting diet tomorrow to keep her company lol and my brother starts diet on Friday !!!!

My sister and I are going back on it when babys old enough and getting to our goal. So in 8 months time we will have a much leaner family lol

You really are a CD family, reckon it would mag a good magazine article:D

Just me and my hubby here, sometimes I forget to feed the kids!

Mind there's 4 of us at work who have all done well, iti seems the CD success is catching.
wow, wish my hubby would try cambridge but he only has about half a stone to loose so its not really going to happen!