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Anyone else developed a baking/cooking obsession whilst ss'ing?


Serial Dieter!
I'm on Day 6 of SS'ing today:)wow:)

However I've notice the re-emergence of an old obsession that I had last time... Baking!

I have given in to the urge to make delicious cakes!
I made one yesterday and I've just put a second in the oven :eek:

Don't get me wrong, I've no desire to eat them, I just love making them!!

I've also found myself planning everyone's menu for the week and it's become more involved and adventurous than it ever was when I was eating the stuff. Then it was whatever I can get out of the fridge/cupboard and into myself in the quickest time.
Now I'm stuffing chicken breast and braising little gem lettuces! Again I don't want to eat it, I just want to make it!

Do you think I'm abnormal? Is there anyone else with similar urges to cook!!!???
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I did! Its subsided for now but its my nephews birthday on Sat so I might see if SIL wants me to do anything and that'll keep me busy on Fri. I was great at the start of the diet but last time I baked I did nibble a bit and lick the bowl, I just have to be careful that the old habits dont return! ''Little pickers wear bigger nickers'' and all that!!
I'm the opposite. We always baked our own bread but I won't even do that for now because the smell will get to me!
lol, I was never a great cook but have started concocting new dishes for my OH and, like you, have no desire to eat it, just enjoying making it!

I am also addicted to food programmes and searching the internet for new recipes!!

Nowt so queer as CD folk I reckon!!! xx

when I started I tried to keep out of the kitchen for the fear of eating everything in sight but it wasn't long afterwards when I was cooking all kinds of stuff for DH. He has been out fishing this morning so when he came in I had a cooked breakfast waiting for him, I had no desire to eat any of it and the thought hadn't crossed my mind until writing this post, I have realised I ate too much in the past just because I could. I hope to never be like that again.


Serial Dieter!

I've always loved baking... bread cakes, biscuits pies sweet and savoury....

For me it's the ultimate in stress relief, and unlike 'proper cooking, you really don't have to 'taste the cake mixture....
All this cake is going to a good 'home' and being taken by my son to work, he's an apprentice and the chaps on site have been eyeing up his lunch box and dropping really heavy hints about cake....he reckons he's going to charge them for it soon, they had cake twice last week!!
I've also made some chutney which is something new for me... it's all in jars and was too hot to taste before then.... God alone knows how that'll turn out once its stood for a few weeks!!!


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Hahahaha I was just goin to post this !
I cook delicious meals, try new receipes, have people over for dinner................Friday - cupcakes for work, in the middle of making chocolate cupcakes for my whole team at work and more, I have made about 50 cakes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just off to ice them !
''Little pickers wear bigger nickers''
Never heard that one before!!....Love it! LOL......:rotflmao:

I'm with you all on the cooking, batch cooking loads of stuff and freezing it. Made cakes, biscuits, quiches, soups, lasagnes, cottage pie, vege burgers just in the last week or so, in ridiculous quantities and with recipes i have never used before. Did have a bit of a blip though and got in the habit of 'tasting' last week which was such a slippery road, so now back to 100% ss, feel great but still can't stop cooking! My OH is quite perplexed by it all. Even got my 3yr old 'nightmare of an eater' daughter to eat salads! (yippeeee!) I have no idea why we do this, my cdc said loads of her clients end up turning into 'feeders', what a wierd bunch we are! xx


loving life
Me too, I love cooking anyway but I am feeding my Husband so much bless him but he loves it as hes always been able to eat what he wants and get away with it. The kids love it too as I'm baking cakes and home made puds lol. The cooking programmes are becoming obsessive too. I find it liberating to cook for others and take great pride in my willpower, I am not tempeted at all to pick.
i thought it was just me! when i'm well into ss'ing, i bake for britain! The hubby calls it "Eating By Proxy". Others must do the fatty and naughty eating for me.
ok in all fairness though, i am a chef.baker by trade. but i thought i would have to abandon it, temporarily, while i was ssing just to avoid the temptation.

But, once i was in ketosis, i just went ba(r)king-mad again!


Slimming down the aisle
I want to make cakes now!!!!!!!


WILL be Slim!
i do this loads.....i cook a lot for the family and really happily do so!
I dont think i would have been able to continue with the diet this far if i couldnt cook for everyone else! lol


Slimming down the aisle
I now REALLY want to make a cake. But it's just me here. And I'd end up eating it!
I haven't been baking but I've bought loads of recipe books and I spent loads of time on the Internet planning my meals for when I'm finished the diet :) sometimes I feel like I'm torturing myself but I still keep doing it!
I normaly hate cooking, as my mum is a fab cook...so nothing i make ever tastes as good as what she makes, so i dont normaly bother! but since ive started, i want to cook things for everyone all the time. I dont no why, maybe im trying to make everyone else put on a few pounds, so i look slightly slimmer! :angeldevil:


Cambridge Diet Councellor
I did a bit of baking, but just planned really elaborate meals for my OH, I just couldn't seem to stop, I found I would go round Sainsbury's finding out really yummy ingredients to cook up for him!
Turned into a bit of a feeder I think.............
I've been dying to bake something lately so I'm glad I'm not the only one! Unfortunately it's too risky for me to do as I live on my own and not sure that I could stop myself from scoffing the lot! I watch all the cookery programmes and imagine ways to make their recipes SS+ friendly - difficult but not impossible!!!!
scoffing is quite risky, i agree!

i have a subscription to Delicious magazine (i luv it)...when i'm on cd/ss, hubby says my obsession with food programs and the mags is like food-porn! (pardon the expression) hehehehe:rolleyes:

but really, it's true!

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