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Anyone else drinking a lot less alcohol?

I realised this week that I hardly drink any more! :party0016: I used to have a glass (or two) of pinot most evenings and in the last week I had only 1 vodka and diet coke. One drink in a whole week - unheard of!!!

I don't think it's been a conscious decision, just I like spending my syns on sweet treats usually.

Has anyone else noticed they are drinking a lot less?
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when i first started i realised that for the amount of syns i would spend on a night getting trashed on malibu and coke on a night out.. i could spend on so much more, tummy filling satisifying things.. Also as my OH doesnt drink much at all.. before long i didnt drink at all.. and now i don't drink at all, at any time. Not because im against it, or dislike it now (malibu will always be my friend lol) .. but i can en joy my nights out sober, and know come weigh in.. i will have lost for the 'sacrifice' .. i am a happy sober girlie these days.. and i quit smoking.. i feel much better overall.. and my skin is lovley now! xx


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I haven't been drinking at all and before this i was a party animal! plus im only 20 years old lol what other 20 year old do you know that doesnt even have one drink
Haha, waves.. im slightly younger than you and now i dont either, and i used to be out every friday and saturday!!! lol nvm eh.. we can be skinny instead ;) x


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lol how do u change ur weight thingy i lost another 1/2 pound this week


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I'm the same I hardly drink anymore! Recently when I was out I made a conscious decision to go off diet for the night. So I did and drank like I used to when I was much bigger!! I don't think I can take that much drink anymore, in fact it was evident I couldn't! lol

K xx


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I used to drink every saturday, but i decided it was affecting me losing weight as when i was drunk i would eat everything in sight, then the next day i would be hung over and want to eat everything in sight too, then i would find it hard to get back on track. So i stopped drinking and have had much better weightlosses since. I don't even miss it, lol i love getting up and not having a hang over on the sunday!! x


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I've been having a bad syns week after buying the wrong Quark and was wondering how I could still go out at the weekend. Then it hit me - I could drink Diet Coke!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Since coming to Spain anyway our drinking has fallen loads (the thought of a pint scares me now) but over the last few weeks I've started having alcohol-lite or free or even - :eek::eek: - a coffee. Think they'll take away by Geordie nationality? :D:D:D

And I really like it too.


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I used to drink quite a lot at the weekends, and often a glass of wine with dinner, but now I usually only have half a bottle of wine at the weekend at the most, sometimes I only have one drink a week! It's just too high in syns, I still like it. I don't miss the hangovers though.


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I don't drink nearly as much as I used to but mainly because I find I can't take it anymore, a couple of glasses of wine & I am reeling so I just decided that unless it is a special occasion I wouldn't bother, the hangover the next day isn't worth it anyway.

OMG I have finally grown up.....HELP!
Hiya everyone. I dont drink much now either. I used to have a few pints during the week and then probably a bottle of white on Friday night. I tend to go out and binge drink every 4 - 6 weeks. I went out with the lads last Saturday night and had a stonking hangover on Sunday. I didnt loss anything on Monday weigh in either. So no more alcohol for me now. Well not for another 4 weeks or so. lol.
I think the alcohol messes about with your body too much. I am really focused this week and hoping for a good weight loss on monday. I am currently drinking 3 - 4 litres of water a day. But struglle with drinking that much over the weekend. Anyway its FRIDAY!!!! :)
Much like everyone else, I don't drink much at all now.

I used to be quite a big drinker...a couple of glasses of wine most evenings with dinner, a couple of bottles at weekend with OH if we were staying in and immesurable amounts if we were going out!

I attempted to syn my booze at first, when going out at the weekend, but I found that after a few glasses I'd just keep going and forget to keep count. Then I'd think I'd blown the diet and on the Sunday I'd resort to my hangover foods!

Now, I reserve my drinking for special occasions, and the odd glass during the week if syns permit. I feel so much better for it! I am in control, love not getting hangovers, seeing better results on the scales... I did go about 5 weeks without any at all at one point.
I volunteer to drive much more often (which OH loves) and when I do go out, it's a cheap night as I'm such a lightweight! LOL!
I can totally agree with you all, I used to drink a LOT and now I only have the odd glass of wine or if i'm out its a vodka and coke. I love not having hangovers that last for days!!
I used to drink a glass of wine each night, but have not bothered to since I started sw. I cant do without coffee with real sugar so save my sins for that normally.


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Nope. Not a sausage. I'm trying though *says she who's just bought another bottle of naughty Mr J.D.* I'm going to syn it all today for a change though. The balance it out for the week. And have singles. And no Jagerbombs. And not go out. Promise.
Nope. Not a sausage. I'm trying though *says she who's just bought another bottle of naughty Mr J.D.* I'm going to syn it all today for a change though. The balance it out for the week. And have singles. And no Jagerbombs. And not go out. Promise.
lol. Actually, I quite fancy JD now you've said that! Am out for a few bevvies tonight. :D Been saving up my syns all day. Better go steady though. This lack of alcohol lately will be turning me into a right light-weight!


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OH and I used to have a couple of drinks most nights, plus lots at the W/E, then cut down to Friday and saturday, then cut down to wine, then cut that in half! I daredn't think how many syns/ units we used to get thro, but OH's BP is now back to normal and I'm losing consistently every week. I still have my wine on fri and sat, but I'm not abusing it any more and I enjoy it, and no hangover!

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