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Anyone else experiencing odd periods?


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Guys this is girl talk yadda yadda yadda, blood icky boo boo so don't read if you're too squimish :airquote: (you can sooooo tell I'm PMS'ing right now.....)

Alright...so...periods...mine are annoying me, and more than usual. I had my first period I beleive on my 3rd week into LL and a week later I then started it again, it stopped, and then the next day it came back....and then stopped again...and same thing again....

It was very light, not like my usual heavy flow, but it just got heavier and I seem to just be developing blood clots, the blood is not flowing onto the towel as it normally should do.

I have pretty much been on my period for 2 weeks, is it due to the diet?....uuuurgh to top it all off my menstrual cravings have been around for 2 weeks, hardest times ever :mad:
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I had this problem. When I got lighter I had a light period for 7 weeks straight even though I am on the pill.

I would advise going to the doctors as it made me so ill and weak and tired. The doctor and my LLC advised I go on to route to management early and lose more if I want after a few months break. 3 weeks after going on to RTM and eating more calories I went back to normal.

I done total so 12 week RTM and I am now on week 11 and have still lost a further 15.5lbs.

I don't think it was the diet so much, my body just didn't like so few calories when I was getting closer to a 'normal' size and weight.

I was a size 12 when I started RTM and am now a 10 so it all worked out.

My body just prefered more calories, in fact in milk week I lost 2lbs more than I did normally

It's not nice bleeding so much as after awhile it does make you feel really rubbish so definitely go docs

I really hope you feel better soon


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OMG!!! I was asking the same questions last week...

I came on mine during week 2, im now finishing week 5 and only just stopped!!!

Last week i didnt go anywhere was toooo tired and no energy!

It seems to have gone (for now) I'm hoping thats it until next month, i have the implant too which is "suppose" to regulate..... (what ever) .....wow i think i have a little more PMT in me :badmood:lol

All of your syptoms re: clots bleeding etc was exactly what i was going through, it did happen to me before when i was on slimming world... It did sort itself out, although not much fun is it! :(

I feel for you sister!!!:girlpower: i guess its just another test on our journey, try and find other ways of dealing with your TOTM cravings, I had baths and pedicures not the same as choc***te i know, gotta change those habbits of "treating" ourselves when we feel sorry for ourselves!

If you want to vent feel free i'll take it on the chin lol xxx
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Hey. Well I too have the implant and don't have 'normal' periods. i occassionaly have little bleeds every few months sometimes longer, they only last a few days though. Came on on sat. Still on today. I'm hoping it eases off. Seems a little heavier than usual, but still not that of a regular period. Will keep you posted.
Yep, all over the shop.

Extremely common cos oestrogen that has been stored in your fat cells gets released and tada - messes up your cycles. Same reason some women get fertile on VLCDs
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Me too. Totally messed up and it's the side effects are so much worse. On Saturday I was literally waddling I was so sore. Let's hope it's shorter than the last one which was three weeks!!


the only change ive noticed since my LL journey is mine are much lighter (been great) as before I was very heavy, hope the lightness continues