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i have been dieting for 15 months and i am getting fed up.i have calorie counted at the start,them slimfast,then ss.but i am fed up and just want it to end arrrrhhhhhhhh.
i am having totm problems ,and number 2 problems,and have a cold,i think it is just everything alltogether is pi**ing me offfffffffffffffffff.i look great,i am a 12 on the top and a 14 on the bottom and i am still not happy why,is it all in the mind ,i have been fat for 18 years ,how long will it take my brain to see in the mirror that the reflection is me.ho hum big sigh.sorry for the rant but i thought if i wrote it down maybe i can move on and carry on,i have lost 2lb this week already and weigh in thurs,it is not the ss that is great,i just think when you start a new diet you think it is going to be over very quick but trust me ,it has taken a lot of hard work,i just need to get to the light at the end of the tunnel,but at the moment i cannot see it,thanks for reading my whine ,i feel a little better,going for a pint of water lol..................................
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Hey soola!! sorry to hera you fed up, chin up hunny!! You know why you are doing this and you are getting there, there is light at the end of the tunnel you haven't got much longer to go now. It's great that you recognise that you're looking great though, and you know that what you see in the mirror can only get better as you carry on. Celebrate what you've done so far, treat yourself to some pampering or something to cheer youself up and don't forget to keep patting yourself on the back for how your efforts are finally paying off after such a long time!
Hope you feel better soon and well done on your 2lbs so far this week another couple and you'll be in the 11's....yay you!!

Percy greenfingers

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You poor thing. It might've taken you a while, but you must feel soooo good...and your nearly there.Chin up and all that.


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Well said Lelly...soola this is what I do,I have got out a load of my fat pics,carry them round in my bag,every time I feel like this I get them out and have a look at them,that works I can tell you,why dont you take some pics of you now and compare them,as Ive said on our thread dieting especially this type is an emotional rollercoaster,have a chat with Penny she has been doing it for a long time,shes almost at goal now and think this is the hardest bit for her,dont give up luvvy you are doing great


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Found you - at last!

Awww huni, you sound so fed up. You have done absolutely fantastically well and you are a complete inspiration to the rest of your sisters and I am soooooo glad that you recognise that you look great but really bothered that you cant see that in the mirror. I do understand though, when you (not you personally, you in general) have a weight problem for so long I think your whole perception of how you look changes and all you see is overweight when you look in the mirror. I honestly dont know when that changes, or if it ever does, and I know I am finding it hard to see a slimmer me when I look in the mirror, depsite knowing what I've lost so far and knowing that it must show somewhere - its weird how our wee twisted minds work.

I dont know what to say to make you feel better, and I dont know if anything I could say would make any difference, you are having a crap time with totm and that certainly cant be helping with your mood or your motivation but you are doing so well and are nearing the end of your journey and I really want you to hang on in there and get to the end.

SS is not easy, that I do agree, and anyone thinking its a quick fix is off their head because it certainly is not! The side effects can be awful, the feeling of being deprived is really difficult to deal with at times and I have ceased to feel "normal" or part of the real world but you have to look at what you have achieved, the hard work, determination and sheer guts that it has taken to get to where you are now and then give yourself an almightly big pat on the back and be proud of what you have achieved and of the amazing inspirational and supportive person that you are.

Did writing it all down there help any at all or are you still feeling s***??


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i am fed up too hon. fed up and grumpy. but you've done so so so well. you are so so so close. get mad. yell a bit, strop away and then move on.


abz xx


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Comps crashed 3 times, lost 3 long post, please dont give up, will try to post tomorrow,and keep in mind why you are doing this, and never loose sight of how important and special you are,


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Oh, honey... it really is so hard to lose weight, especially this time of year! Hopefully this morning you're feeling a little bit better.

I read somewhere that it takes at least six months for your mind to completely catch up with your new body size, and even longer if you've lost a dramatic amount of weight in a short period of time. I don't know how long you've been on SS, but maybe it's just that catch up period you're bumping up against?

It's taken you a long time to get there, but you've done it. Hang in there... (hug)


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Angie, darling I have written war and peace on our sisters thread it might help.
OHHHHHHh 15months, you lightweight, try almost 3yrs, lol, only playing, it is so hard, theres no question.
Being unwell, certainly doesnt make it any easier, you can do this if you really want to,and you deserve the very best out of life.


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S: 25st7lb C: 17st9lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 7st12lb(30.81%)
Just to say too, I thought I would be happy in a size 16 all round, but Iam in a 12,14 top and I want to be smaller, iam in a size 16 jeans, which are loose and I want to be much smaller, for me I wonder if I will ever be happy.
That said I have just changed my goal to abit lower so that I can offically say "Im half the woman I used to be",and I bet you when I get there, I will rethink, thing is my BMI will be 25 soon,so wont be allowed to do ss anymore and that scares me.
Hope your feeling better.


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you doing great, sooooooooo close now!
we all get days like that, mine was yesturday & it`s the same day that every decides to wind you up even more too..........lol
you`ll feel better tom i`m sure x


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Soola u are an absolute inspiration and put myself to shame. I am on Day 15 and feeling sorry for myself u have given me the incentive to carry on.Just look at the amount you have lost and what you have achieved its absolutely fantastic.