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Anyone else feel like they're just "survivng"???

Don't get me wrong i'm not struggling badly with food or anything so there's no fear of me breaking the diet!!!! :character00115:
I just feel like my life has been suspended til this is finished!!! :psiholog:
Maybe i need a hobby:p
Bf's college graduation tonight and my friends bday tonight too so at least i have that, still tho it feels like i'm just floating along kinda just existing.
Anyone else felt like this????:rolleyes:
Prob just me lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
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I suspect there are a lot of people on LT and the like who feel this way. I supose you will only feel this way if you think that LT is inhibiting you from doing your normal day to day activities. I heard someone at work said that this kind of diet is fine- if you don't have a social life! I went out for parties and big family meals- heck I've even sat in restaurants not eating! I am a generally busy person what with having a full time job, 2 kids, OH and a dog to care for :D

Get yourself out and about doing things. Be it cinema (Flapjacks are a godsend for such an occasion!), a nice long walk, a hobby. Whatever takes your fancy- it doesn't need to feel like an existence- unless you want it to xxx


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yeah i feel like that everyday....lol just cant wait till this diets over & then get back to a little normality, you know what i mean,as in going for the odd coffee with friends or meal out etc,i know ille have to watch what i eat,but at least i wont have to totally avoid social occasions,or feel left out cos i cant eat etc!!! maybe i need to take up a hobby too, stop me feeling like im just existing! lol & i have no energy what so ever at mo,i dont think that helps!! caz xx


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hunny im on cd .. similar diet and i feel exactly the same i cant wait till i get near goal so i can feel normal again.. im gonna be doin this diet 4 at least another 4 months so im tryin like u 2 stay on track and not prolong it.. good idea about a hobby or something try and keep busy xx
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I feel the exact oposite!

I love LT, it's great! In fact, I dread ending TFR and going back to food. I have never felt better than I do now, no doubt to do with having the correct amount of vitamins/minerals for the first time in my life. Not only do I feel great about the weight-loss, but also feel a lot sharper mentally, loads of energy, and all around well-being has improved.

Ideal for me would be LT shake for brekkie and lunch, and a normal evening meal. Sad as that may sound, but I am in a great place right now, and all because of weight-loss and health balance - all down to LT and TFR!!


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I agree with you MTM, I'm struggling with weaning myself off my formula! Because it works so well. In the last week I had work functions including dinners every night. I found that the LT experience kind of isolating as its been has made me so much more self posessed- I like the effect on my mind as well as my body.
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i go through feelin that way to feelin amazing! I love the energy i have on Lt and the inner confidence that I'm losing weight. Since no one knows, I'm quietly thinking to myself 'they may think I'm a heifer, but in a few months their eyes are gonna pop out of their heads' -thats what mainly keeps me goin on tough days. :d

I hope it begins to feel more natural to ya soon babes. oxo

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