Anyone else get bad tempered on SS


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Im fine most of the time however somedays I feel really grumpy, most of the weekend was spend saying sorry this weekend....but it was also TOTM and thats my excuse:D


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its swings and roundabouts with me. Some days im on top of the world...other days no-one (esp hubby) can do anything right! i seem to get irritated by the littlest things that really shouldnt irritate me at all!, youre not alone!


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Since I started CD five weeks ago every night I end up like a bear with a sore head. I've just bitten off my hubbys head and my sons and I really hate myself for it , just wondered if anyone else gets the same. All day long I'm fine it just seems to be after about 6pm and I cant put myself to bed that early!!

Hi Poppa,

I am on my 16th day today and yes i have had occasional nights when i feel like i could kill. Last night i hated the world (felt really sorry for myself). It is to be expected because we are giving up a lot and night times was my worst time for eating. I always try to remember that i am doing this for my own good and it wont be for long. Have you spoke to hubby and explained why you are like this?

Before i went to bed last night i appologised to hub and kids for my moods and they were fine. Hopefully they understand.


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I seem to spend lots of time apologising, but I suppose thinking about it its not really everynight (just feels it at the moment) I feel a bit better knowing that other people feel the same. I have explained it to him and he has been really understanding. Think I'm having a feeling sorry for myself half hour!!


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only joking xx


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Think I'm having a feeling sorry for myself half hour!!
lol Poppa, i have quite a few of them even if i am not on the diet. With all the hard work we are putting into this diet we are allowed to have the off day.

Keep your pecker up and you will be fine tomorrow. x


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You are really not alone, I could have killed at some points!!! It does get better I promise x


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I have been Sooooo grumpy since doing this - feel like crap mum - just want to huddle my hot water bottle all the time, and no energy to interact with my wonderful child. Evenings are the worst - but bit boyf's head off all over weekend - and we haven't been together that long, but I'm hoping he doesn't dump me - that would push my commitment to the diet!

Also awaiting TOTM on Fri, so may be not helping. Can't focus at work either though - just spend time surfing this site and ebay for cheap CD products!!!!

Someone get me a life, eh?