Is anyone else doing Cambridge at the moment?

Hello anyone out there .... well i am starting today , come what may . i joined this site many years ago 07 in fact , and now im at my biggest ever which i need to turn around .
Hi there best wishes for your journey this time. I started in early August. It's a learning experience isn't it?
Morning Katherine , yes its a big learning experience , how are you doing on plan ? We need to wake this forum up lol
Hello!!! I am just going into week 3 on 810 or whatever it is called now but also not weighing myself until the end of the month so no idea where I started or what I have lost - currently going on clothes fitting trying to get back from a 14 to a 10 after some horrible medication made me gain weight. I did this years ago and lost 3 stone and maintained until this year so it can be done!
Hello All, week 2 weigh in tomorrow...I think I am at about a 1st loss now which is very motivating. I am aiming for a total 7st loss and wondering if anyone else has managed this and how long it took. I am on step 1a.
Hi all! I started on 19th October and lost 7lbs week one. Glad to see some other people doing it! So far it’s fine but I’m a bit “backed up” shall we say so if anyone’s got any tips that would be great!