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Anyone else got a letter of apology from the HM Revenue?

I got mine today and I am relieved. All my fears about identity fraud have been soothed and I will sleep soundly in my bed tonight. Remember if the Government cock up an apology is not far behind it costing the tax payer a shed more money to send bits of worthless paper out of their offices. Its a world gone mad..............if I lost my employees bank details and then tried to cover it up, the last thing they would want is so stupid apology - they would want my head on a platter.
I shall now step down from my soap box:sigh:
Totally agree with BB.

My friend got one a couple of days ago. I am not in receipt of Child Benefit, so hopefully I am not going to be affected.


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Yes i also got a letter , i guess just to let us know , because of the bank A/C Really the disc have gone but who knows where and in who hands


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Yes, I got one too!
Yes I got mine a couple of days ago. I'm totally disgusted tbh :mad: How dare they put those disks into the hands of someone who's not authorised to deal with them - just to save money?! :mad::eek:

I'm worried that mine and my children's details are in the wrong hands now, bank account NI numbers etc; and the bank says not to worry or change my password because their fraud prevention is all up to date. Well, sorry, but I thought that my personal details was safe with HM Revenue and look where that got me?
Yes, i got mine yesterday, and i too am disgusted that there could be such an almighty cock up. I think Mr Brown will loose a lot of votes over this. One important point i took from the letter is to change any pin/security numbers that include your childrens' date of birth.
Our child benefit ended when Cat did not go back to college in Sept but we were still on the list and so also got a letter. It is just so annoying. It also annoys me that it takes 6 weeks to get a reply from the tax office.
Irene xx


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Following on from the child benefit lost data fiasco, here is a compensation pack to download if you fancy a go at suing the govt for loss of the info;

Compensation Pack - Claim for your data loss today

It costs £5.99 to download, they suggest that the compensation will be somewhere between £50 and £300, but i suppose there's no guarantees.
Thanks for this hun!! Will def be having a go at it!!!:mad:

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