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Anyone else had back pain?

Hi all. I put this query on the sticky about side effects, but I'm a little worried about the pain in my back. It's about mid-way, in the muscle to the side and below the shoulder blades, both sides. It seems to ease if I manage to lean hard against something. Sometimes it bothers me so much I have to stop what I'm doing and sit down. Shopping was really torturous yesterday. Any ideas?
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It seems it's unlikely to be anything to do with the diet - but the only one who could say for sure is your doctor. If you really don't want ask your doctor maybe you should contact lighter life and see if they have any experience of this as a side effect.
Thanks both - it has been better today. I joked with my daughter that it was my back-fat fighting against me getting rid of it!
Lol - you must be feeling better if you can joke about it. Of course me and my friend had my daughter in fits of giggles when she was in hospital with appendicitus, trying to keep her mind off it. I don't think it worked of course, she giggled but was still in pain and the nurses kept glowering at us!


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Go and get it checked out, put your mind at rest. If you can go for a massage it usually releases the muscles xx
Hi maybe worth have it checked out, not to worry you but i had a similar pain and the doctors told me it was indegestion but then as month past it got worse and it turned out to be gallstones ! worth getting it checked to be on the safe side.

Thanks all - I will definitely go and get it checked. It is better on some days than others, but still bothering me. Thanks again x

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