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anyone else had such a hungry day today ?


Just doing it this time
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I have been cold - trying so hard to get back on track properly since gaining 2.5lb's over Christmas and praying that I haven't had a gain during new year ? -but have had such a hungry day today:

3 mullerlights !
3 apples
2 bananas.
3 satsumas

Beef - quite a lot - it was dry roasted by me and cut very thinly.

2 bread 800g = 2 heb's

3 thin crisp crispbreads = 3 syns.
2 cheese triangles (hea).

half a packet of snack a jacks - forced hubby to eat the other half (3 syns).

And I could very easily eat a horse between two bread wagons at the moment.

Have just put in a chicken and potatoes and sweet potatoes and lots of peppers to roast for a couple of hours (in frylight). Prepping veg and will have a small amount of gravy, can't wait for it to cook though.

I'll be glad to get to work tomorrow as I never seem to be as hungry at work than I am at home especially at weekends.
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I'm completely the other way! I'm alright at home and forget to eat half the time whereas at work I'm always hungry. Thinks it's because I'm always busy with my 2 kiddies at home whereas I have a desk job which I am waaay overdue changing so am so bored I just think about food constantly!
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I don't think you've eat a lot today. My day so far porridge & fruit with scan bran for brekkie, then 2 quorn burgers & mushy peas for lunch followed by fruit salad (1 banana, 1 pear & melon) & yoghurt. I've had more melon as a snack. Tea is shepherds pie mash carrots & swede & cabbage:eek:

Anyways its all SW friendly & you've not gone over your syns so no worries;)


I can do this!
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I find that when I get back on the wagon (after a few days of walking the lonely road of syn! :D) I am ready to eat everything in site! I usually do as you have done and just fill up on tons of free food (I do EE so a 1/3 is super free) and after a few days it settles down. Hope it does for you too and good luck for your mini goal for 11-1-11! x
Don't mean to rain on your parade, but are you doing EE or RED day??

You have 2 hexb bread which would make me think a RED day...

But then you are having potatoes and sweet potatoes (if you are eating them) which would make me think EE day....but you've already had 2 HEX b choices......??
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Same here...I think it is because I am off work. I work at my son's primary school at start back Wednesday....the breaks are strict so I can't overeat!!!
Good luck everyone xx


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I had my main meal at lunch time and only now feeling ready for my Jacket Potato with Cottage Cheese and Beans!! I have also just spent 2 and a half hours cleaning and dusting so may need some fruit later too!! :) xx


Operation Fight the Fat!
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I'm so hungry today too, I'm going to blame it on the saying "feed a cold, starve a fever" I'm trying to convince myself not to go and make syn free supernoodles!!


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I was the opposite today! - I was out in the cold at the (Northumberland) coast all day. My Mullerlight froze and I found it difficult to even hold my tiny Danish WW dainty sandwiches lol.


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Lots of soup on standby helps me deal with the days of endless temptation.....


Just doing it this time
S: 13st7lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 1st5lb(10.05%)
Yes I was on Red today - I only ever do red - I only had two small pots and sweet pots so reckon they'd amount to about 6 syns - lots of veg - so I think still within.

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