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Anyone else more clumsey since starting the diet?


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I have noticed that I am dropping things, tripping over or just now, fell half way down the stairs (not something I have done in a few decades).

I do not feel weak or light headed, I have no shakes or anything but it is starting to drive me a bit nuts.
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Sorry spelling gone too - clumsy!


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Hi Poppy,

no this is not something we've ever heard around here before. When did you start? Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking multi-vitamins (a must)? Are you eating ENOUGH? Especially enough protein?
Are you getting enough sleep?

Sorry I have no idea really...


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Yes I am doing all those things, it is just really strange. I remember when my oldest was little every time she had a growth spurt we could tell because she got very clumsy, almost like she couldn't quite work out where her body was anymore. I have obviously not grown but find myself very clumsy.

I guess it is just me, perhaps I need to focus more - lol
I'm finding this too Poppy. I am also finding it hard to concentrate. I'm eating a lot, drinking a lot, and taking vitamins. I think it must be the body adjusting to lack of carbs. Other than that I don't know but i hope it doesn't continue as I'm self employed and if I can't concentrate on work then I'm going to be in trouble. :(


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Louise, let's hope it improves for you. Perhaps it is being on attack that has done it. I only did 3 days. I spilled my coffee all over the table yesterday, crazy and I was really looking forward to that coffee!

Well done on your weight loss though :)


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I've had the opposite experience - since starting conso I have been much sleepier and find it hard to concentrate.

I've done daft things like squirt soap onto my toothbrush and forget to turn the oven off.

I am hoping this will pass - I miss all the "get up and go" I had in cruise - it just "got up and went"!

(Oh - I just noticed you are still in attack... yes, I was a bit "dull" in attack. Not clumsy but not quite on top form, and ended up going to at 7pm on day three. It passed)


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I have way more energy and get up and go since starting this diet. Apart from one day with an evening crash but I think that was because I couldn't eat for a few hours in the morning and my body had had enough.

Perhaps its because I have more energy I am doing more, therefore more clumsy. :) Being more careful today.