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Anyone else not lost much this week and fancy a moan?

Hi everyone,

My official Wi isn't until 2moro, but so far i've only lost 1 lb this week. I know that it will prob just be water as i'm not due, not constipated and have been 100% SS.

But.... its still sooooooo frustrating, i think it is really easy to take your weekly weight loss for granted on CD, and so i expect to lose 3-4 pounds every week.

I know my CDC is right when she says to monitor it over a month rather than weekly but i'm also very aware that i am moving up to 1000 in 3 weeks and really want to shift as much as possible before then.

So if you are having a rubbish week and your losses have been dissapointing then feel free to have a rant and join me in my misery lol.

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Looks like it's just me then.




Trying to stay healthy!
Hi thinkthin! Sorry to hear you are disappointed but you never know tomorrow is another day and the scales could just suprise you! I only lost 1lb this week but i was pleased with that cos i wasn't 100%, so as you've been 100% you shouldn't have anything to worry about and if there is any water retention it'll balance out next week. try and stay away from the scales hun until your offical WI, it'll stop you feeling stressed about it.
Fingers crossed that you have a good loss tomorrow


sisters of slim
no me as well but i was on this week and holding more water than a camel hee hee.i lost 8oz.ha ha.


sisters of slim
but since weigh in on thurs i have lost 3lb ,seem to be on the toilet all day getting rid of the water lol.....
Yay, thats lovely when it falls off....or out as the it may be for you hun lol must be exciting to see the scales moving down so quickly, fingers crossed for a biggie for you this week then hun.

I'm not feeling too bad as i've just tried on THE dress....it's my hubbys 30th bday on the 7th dec and all our friends are going to a dinner dance thing (most haven't seen me for a while) Anyway....it fits!!! When i bought it 4 weeks ago it wouldn't even go over my head now it zips straight up yay! 3 more weeks to get in to it comfortably.



Trying to stay healthy!
yay thinkthin that's fabulous!! just because the scales don't doesn't mean the inches are not shifting eh! well done you, i'm chuffed for you!!
No you are not alone. Although I am doing SS+ I still usually lose 3lbs a week and not matter how positive to stay, it is still a bummer. I know it's water retention but I really would love to know what exactly is going on inside us when we eat 500-800 calories and don't lose weight. I mean what's that calculation 3000 cals = 1lb of fat! FACT! So what's going on there then?
It's just mean if you ask me love, and thats whats hard to deal with! You KNOW you haven't cheated so you should lose weight, we know all of the reasons why we haven't water etc etc but it still makes you feel like stamping your feet and having a strop....well it does me anyway lol.

HMmm not hopeful, the scales have even gone up this week....never seen that before in 13 weeks of SS! I'll probably have put half a stone on by morning....stupid body but will let you know first thing, i've got an early wi again.



Wants to shed pounds more
I've lost diddly squat this week due to TOTM - so I'm prolly not just having a hormonal hissy fit, I am having a hormonal no-weight-loss hissy fit LOL
Ahhhhhhhh hun, well come and have a hissy fit here with us we can sulk together lol.

I didn't lose anything for my weigh in. Was contipated beyond belief and really bloated.
I'm not going to complain though. Restarted on the fibresure, took a couple of senokot, yesterday I bought two new pairs of trousers in a size 12 and this morning I am wearing a pair of 10/12 pyjamas! :D


Mistress of the Dark
aww thinkthincd!!! don't worry. the week where i only lost 1lb was the hardest for me. i was so miserable!!! but after thinking about it (and getting a good old pep talk from Frances!!!) it made me more determined to lose the week after.

it is annoying because you feel so in control on CD but then when you don't lose or lose very little you suddenly feel like actually your body is dictating all the rules!!!

hope you've had a good weigh in! xxx
YES! i want to rant..... stayed the same this week, but its TOM and was v constipated. but ended up eating pizza last night - am cross with myself!

but have had 2 litres already today and porrige and want a ss 100% week this week. wish me luck as my journey is so up and down at the moment. one week i lose, then i stay the same, then i lose. i know its my own fault so am gonna sort myself out properly this week.
Good luck hun, try to give your body chance to catch up with what you are doing as if you eat one week and not the next the chances are you will keep gaining and losing water rather than fat, give yourself a goal to stick to it 100% for a month, you could lose at least a stone in that time.

Well its official i've lost 1lb WOW WEE! I'm fuming, but determined to stick to it as my body better lose alot this week to make up for it!

I weigh in tomorrow and am only on my 3rd week solely on SS.

Week 1 7lb loss, I thought WoW
Week 2 4lb loss (disappointed as I expected a similar loss).
I weighed myself Friday and showing 5lb loss it looked like I was heading towards 7lbs again this week, however, today I could really eat something and determined not to I thought I'd reassure myself by seeing the weight loss to find I'm now not showing any loss from last Monday's weigh in!

I have had a hysterectomy so have no TOTM and don't think I have water retention as I'm constantly running to the loo with all the water I'm drinking lol.

Help as I really feel I could jack the whole thing in and accept I should be a size 16.
thinkthincd, I had my 3rd WI today and lost 3lbs. I was initially disappointed, but then remembered that up to lastnight (I am a scale addict) I was heavier than last week. So I just drank a further 2 litres, and I have lost the water weight. That is probably what is happening to you, so get drinking!!!

I realise now that anything is better than no weight loss, but have now decided to SS+ from today, as sometimes I feel that I will be too scared to eat again...and never go to the loo anymore without help from dulcolax.

You have done brilliantly so far, so try to stay positive as your progress is an inspiration to us newbies!!!

*forgot my pin to update my ticker:eek:
W8 2go, please dont give now!!!! It sounds like we started around the same time and have felt like giving up too. I just went thru all my clothes and had a trying on session and, I can now fit into loads of stuff that I have have not worn for years. I have been doing this on a weekly basis and it does help. Good luck on your WI

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