Anyone else on the cd 790 plan??

Hi all, have finished food packs on DAY 1 !! No probs so far! feeling quite excited actually found it so much better than sole sourcing on LL ( only lasted 10 days!).Was just wondering if anyone else on here on this plan as all i seem to be able to find people on SS,and would be interested to know how well you are doing and ideas of weight loss compared to ssing. Think im a little concerned as i feel full up!!should i? also any ideas on flavouring fish and chicken that is allowed? Will see my cdc on thurs so will ask her ,but any other ideas for now would be appreciated.Thanks in anticipation of your replies. Sarah xx
There are a few people here who follow it. Espically if they run out of VLCD, or if they are at a special occasion or a wedding where not eating looks "wierd".

Im sure they will post when they see it.


I too have just finished day 1 of the 790 plan - the counsellor I saw suggested that I start on 790 and although I had been itending to SS it seemed to me to be a more sensible way of starting. I am hoping that the fact that I get some ordinary food wil make it easier to stick with it, but also that the fact that the choice of ordinary food is restricted will make it more difficult for me to go horribly wrong

we'll see... I am not sure whether it will mean slower weight loss. I am hoping not..