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Anyone else sick of veg yet?


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Ive been on SW for about 6 weeks now doing EE, and I've started struggling with the 1/3 veg with everything. It's almost putting me off having the meal if it's got to be accompanied by so much veg all the time.
Anyone else feel like this?
I'm not a bit fruit lover at all, but try and eat 1 piece a day, as I really don't like the taste of it, so it's even more important for me to bulk meals out with veg, but finding it difficult at the mo :(
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I think you need to experiment more. For example do you like soup? A bowl of free soup before your meal would count. Try roasting veg, making different kinds of salads etc. Also, if you really can't get on with it then don't. Theres point if you are dreading every meal because of it. Just do your best with it, you will still lose!

I am a big believer that you shouldn't eat something you don't like just because you are on a 'diet'!


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I love eating veg but with ee it is hard if you have a meal that doesnt go well with veggies i know that, but the only thing that dont like my veggies is my bum!!!!!!:eek:

And its hard, im okies with fruit i like pears, bananas, melons and pineapple and odd strawberries, but saying that ive eaten a greengrocers this week and sts :confused:

Good luck hun xx


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I've been doing SW for 9 years now and I'm still not sick of veg! If you're having the same ones, cooked in the same way day-in, day-out then it will get boring. So definitely experiment with new ones, new recipes, and hiding it in foods like curry, chilli and pasta sauces rather than thinking it has to be meat and two veg every day. If you don;t like a particular fruit then there are so many others you can try!

Normally I'd agree with Purplestar abut not forcing yourself to eat thing just because they are low syn - but fruit and veg are a staple of a healthy diet and so i would persevere.


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A lot of the meals I make have the veg in them, not as a side dish.. I think that counts (?) so you could give it a shot. For example I do risottos with leeks, courgettes, spring onions, makes up much more than 1/3 of the dish. I do spag bol too and that's got much more than 1/3 of veg in it + macaroni cheese bakes with lots of veg through them. If I do serve them as aside they're kinda boring on their own so I usually roast them with herbs + vinegars to make them a bit more exciting.


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Im not sick of veges this time round, i was last time cuz every dinner i had boiled broc, cauliflower, etc sometimes with a bit of cheese on top and it got really boring,

Now i have roast veg, i make rataouille, soups, try a different vege i havent had before. I have red days and most of my meals are 1/3 without even thinking about it. Im quite lucky as i love veg and like experimenting like adding some spices and stuff. Putting veges in omlettes or in what im cooking rather than just having them on the side.

I really like cold lettuce with my mince! I know its weird! so i have a salad with bolognese, lasagne that sort of thing.

I hope this gives you a few ideas!

If it gets boring mix it up a bit! xx

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I love veggies, :p Have you tried whizzing them with other things eg if making shepherds pie, mix the mash with carrots, or make any type of sauce & blitz the veggies so it's like a think liquid & not individual pieces of veg, you could puree all sorts of veg & mix them with mash, curries, soups so you're getting the benefit of veg but don't look at your meal as a plate of veg, phew what a ramble.:D


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I ahve 2/3 veg with most meals I reckon. Try ding it different ways if yu get fed up with it steamed. Chick loads in stews. Mushrooms and tinned toms count too!!A nologanise with tinned toms and loads of muchrooms means you almost hthere. Stick some diced courgettes annd/or xhredded carrots in the bologaniase and you are there!! Curru
ied cauli goes well with allsorts. I love BNS mashed. And nothing, but nothing beats homemade veg soup!!



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I'm new to this EE and just started it this week, but I also don't like veg, but the way I got around it was to make veg puree or soups to make up for it.


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before starting SW we always ate a huge variety of veg so never has been a problem for me. For me the flavour and texture of roasted veg are so different to boiled and steamed it increases the variety. We have recently got into sweetheart cabbage and broad beans. Things like sweetcorn are good to add sweetness. You could always do what we recommend for children, finely dice carrots courgettes and mushrooms etc and hide them in shepherds pie spag bol etc. You could also try red and gren days where there isn't the requirement to eat a third of your plate with veg xx
I never quite understand when people say they don't like vegetables, or don't like the taste of fruit, when they are all SO different.

Brightonrosie - I agree with you about the sweetheart cabbage. My sister introduced me to that, and it is lovely. We usually have it steamed. The only problem is that if I am at her house and I am helping with the vegetables, I always get told off for eating too much of the cabbage before it goes in the steamer!!


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I never ever tire of veg. I love it! I agree, it doesn't have to be on the side of a meal, tinned tomatoes form the bulk of a chilli and bolognaise for example. I also grate a carrot into most things, curry, stew, mince dishes - even if you don't like it, the whole thing just disintegrates!
Try roasting a load of veg and whizzing up into a soup or using it as a sauce over pasta.
There are soooo many different veg out there, you can't dislike them all?? My daughter is a fussy madam, but she eats swede, carrot and parsnip so those are the veg we have in our family meals, I just have the green stuff on the side!
Find some veg you like and vary how you eat it.


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I love my fruit and veg and love trying different things with it like stuffing peppers, aubergines, butternutsquash or putting veg into my mash as one recepie in ee cookbook has peppers and spring onion in the mash and its so tasty so maybe try adding some veg to your mash chopped up small for change or having stuffed pepper on side I usually use couscous in mine then add peas, sweetcorn, spring onion, red onion, leeks, courgette, mushrooms just whatever takes my fancy that day to add to the couscous and it is yummy. I make tons of veg soup too and it is good to just be able to have a bowl if you got the urge to eat then you know its syn free.


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I agree, my worst hunger time is between work and dinner!! I get picky whilst im waiting for things to cook so stuff like soup or mini quiches (in the recipe area) are really good and both are full of veges :)

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I totally agree with all the advice here - VARIETY is the key. Fortunately I LOVE all vegetables and fruit, can't think of any that I dislike, and simply couldn't survive without them!

I did laugh avisk when I read your post - I'm exactly the same, always eating bits and pieces when preparing them, even absentmindedly eating the bits I've cut off as being a bit manky...

Just off now to wizz the HUGE bowl of vegetables I cooked last night, which includes carrot, swede, parsnips, spring greens, leeks and onions - we had such a good "chuck out" shop last night that we couldn't possibly use it all as "vegetables", so will now freeze some soup for the weeks when we're not so lucky!
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Thanks for all your comments. There are some good ideas there. It's not that I dislike veg as such, more that I was just getting a bit sick of it and probaby eating the same ones.
I defo think more variety is needed for me. Going to get some different veg like BNS and sweet potatoe and roast them.
Avisk, I know quite a few people who struggle to eat fruit. I haven't got a sweet tooth at all and find them too sweet. I would rather eat vegetables any day, but I know I need both for a healthy diet, so try and eat 1 piece of something different every day.
Just out of interest, what do people have with their cooked breakfasts? The only thing I can think to go with them are tomatoes or mushrooms. Some variety there would be good.


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I also grate a carrot into most things, curry, stew, mince dishes - even if you don't like it, the whole thing just disintegrates!

Jaylou, how do you manage to grate the end of a carrot without grating your fingers? I still haven't got the hang of this- I do it every time!!!X