Anyone else struggle in the evening?


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I feel your pain. I work shift 7.45-20.15 home by 20.40 or so have dinner shower and am exhausted so always wanna reach for a sugary pick me up! So be interested to see how people deal with it! :D but your defo not alone. But I have bugger all advice. suppose White/green tea instead of normal tea cause dunking a biccie wouldn't taste as nice :D


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I struggle most on an evening too :(

I just make sure I have enough points left for a snack of sorts when I'm craving something. Or that's how you could use some of your weekly points!


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This is a huge problem for me too. I can discipline myself really well during the day but at night I find it very hard to say no to anything. I think it must be because I tend to just sit down in the evening and do nothing, at least during the day I am up and about and keeping busy. This will be my big challenge over the next few months, think I will try and make sure I have plenty of zero point jellies and lot of fruit to snack on.


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I'm an evening time snacker too. I tend to just keep pp for the evening so I can have a few treats. My favourite there for a while was houmous and carrot sticks, it is low in pp and takes a while to eat, sugar free jelly is always a good one, and if I'm looking for something sweet Nairns do a chocolate chip chocolate oaty biscuit that is only 1pp. Good luck xx


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I find the day fine! Being at work, I don't really have the chance to go off the rails! I struggle in the evening! My partner eats crisps, chocolate, biscuits and sweets and still manages to stay as thin!
So it's hard to see him as it temps me, but I have to stay strong


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The evenings are what ruin my diet also!!! I just get soo hungry :( i'm struggling with controlling it too! I'm about to start a job where i will be on shifts so im hoping it doesnt screw up my diet! :(


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Hiya, I work permanent night and have insomnia too. I work alone and free to pick for a full 12 hr shift !!! I am awake about 17 to 18 hrs out of 24........long time to be awake and want to eat

Jo x


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Hey guys, i used to be the same as in starving at night so I simply rejigged my eating and now I have my last meal of the day at around nine, sometimes ten which could be anything from a toastie to a chicken dinner! It's pretty much nonsense that you should not eat late at night or after a certain time, I've lost over five and half stone with ww eating like this so I'm the proof!! Best of luck!


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I'm going to start exercising at night I think.

Last night I didn't get to go out for a jog until nearly nine and by the time I came back I didn't want any chocolate at all.

I usually crave sugar in the evening and last night is the first night I was able to go to bed without it.


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I usually have a soak in the bath listening to music (try and drag it out as long as I can) and then put my pjs on and treat myself to cuppa and something sweet but the time I've done that its not far off bedtime :)