anyone else work with food?

I don't work with food but i was obsessed by looking at it, cooking it for other people, smelling it, reading about it etc etc etc.

There seems to be 2 camps - the one i was in where i could just stare at food all day (without being tempted) or where the slightest image/smell/thought of food would drive you to eating!!

I hope you're not in the latter camp with your job!!

Try looking at it and seeing beyond the initial temptation, think of the fat and rubbish inside it and what would happen if you ate it - ie spreading more lardy substance around your waistline, making you fatter and more unhealthy!!

You need to find a strategy that keeps you sane honey....

Thanks for that idea I will have to try that.

I've been trying to remind myself today every time I was tempted of that thing everyone seems to be saying of how nothing tastes as good as thin feels. thats worked so far but just thought I might need something better for the future when I haven't eaten for a lot longer. (only day 2 today)
It is true, i'm the slimmest i've been in my entire life - and no food is ever worth getting fat again for!!

My life as changed beyond belief and all for the better! The diet is nothing short of miraculous!
Can't offer that much advice, as only on day 11, but you kind of get used to not eating food, as odd as that seems.

Everytime you get an urge, leave it at least an hour to think about it, and then see how you feel.
Don't work with food, but i have started watching loads of cooking programmes on telly, something i have never done before, funny thing is it doesn't wan't to make me run to the fridge, i just keep supping the water:)
A lady in my group was a school cook and although it was harder for her to begin with, she became desensitised far quicker than I did.

I chose to batch cook and freeze a months worth of meals for my family so I didn't have to deal with food. It worked for me at the time - not that I need to now - but I have to wonder if my attitude helped to keep me on the straight and narrow initially and not fall or whether all I suceeded in doing was delaying dealing with this issue :confused: All I can do is surmise because I'll never know.

It worked though so I have no regrets but it wouldn't be for everyone, but then what course of action is! :D
I wish i didn't have to deal with food, but densensitising to it quicker is a good way to look at it.

I was thinking that maybe a lot of it is in the habit of just picking at stuffif I feel a bt hungry. Today was a lot easier so I hope it stays that way. I took one of my soups in with me and when I started to feel like I really needed something I put a few spoonfulls in a cup and made it into a cup a soup. That worked well for me today because drinking the water seemed to be harder today. So I'm going to make sure I do that in future. I got a few comments about it looking disgusting because it was lumpy but I didn't care, i tasted ok and I'm the one who has to eat it.

Oh I got told that there'd probably be more nutritional value in eating dust! I couldn't be bothered to argue because then I'd have to explain about the diet and I don't really want to.