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Anyone experienced this?

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Morning all, I hope you all slept well..
I am having some time for myself this morning as my mum is looking after the kids in the other room. I just started to do some manicure and my nails growing a different colour at the base. I am really proud of my nails most of the time, they are pinkish healthy colour but now it's growing like a dark pinkish-yellowish :eek: new nail. I know it's because of the diet because it's correspond with the time I am on LT. Anyone else have or had this before or you think is something I have to worry about?
Thanks in advance for the replies ohhh knowledgeble ones.:)

And otherwise have a nice day everyone!!!!
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Yes it would be down to the diet but it will be ok when you come back off the diet so I wouldnt worry. Peoples nails tend to feel different and Acrylic Nails on but when I take them off I will take a look - lol


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Well this is my third time on LT. And each time my nails grow much healthier! I am a life long terrible nail biter. I mean right down to the quick. But for some reason when I do TFR I don't bite them??? I mean it is not intentional, I just look down and they have grown lovely white tops???? Sorry this is probably off your topic a bit....but still nails and TFR. I put it down to the fact that we are getting the right amount of vitamins on this and I must be lacking something when I am off it.


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I would not worry too much, will be back to normal once your off the diet


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Got to say my nails grew stronger and quicker on LT, when I came off for my hols they broke but that could be due to being in the pool a lot! Probably good timing wise as I would have had to cut them for placement in 2 weeks time and that would have upset me even more!!
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I've just inspected mine & there doesn't seem to be any difference. But, if LT affects hair it makes sense that it would have an impact on nails too, I suppose. I'm sure it'll be fine once you come off though :)

S: 16st1.8lb C: 13st6.1lb G: 10st9.9lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 2st9.7lb(16.7%)
Thanks for the replies , I stressed myself out on what seems like nothing. I am a little upset because i know my hair will fall out in time with this diet and I already have very fine hair which was affected by my last pregnancy. It did only start to grow back. And now my nails. It doesn't looks like it's getting softer but there is a discolouration. I planning to wear nail vanish if it will continue like this and hopefully after the diet it will return to normal. Fingers crossed.
Ok, end of wingeing. Back to this lovely saturday afternoon. I am planning to take the kids to a street Carnival soon so I have to get them ready.(Now I just have to brace myself for the temptation of carnival food, but hey, If I lasted this long nothing will stop me, ehh?)
Everybody have a lovely afternoon!

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