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Anyone feel like they daren't ever eat carbs again?



on the up lol
i havnt got long to refeed, and im scared as hell lol :sigh:
but spag boll, u can have on refeed(at some point) just change the way its made, i think it just depends how u change ur eating habits after :)
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im with you there im starting refeed on Mon and really worried about eating carbs!

There's no way I'm going back to eating like a pig, everything I eat will be in moderation and made as healthily and as low fat as possible. I'll be sticking to lean meat, chicken and turkey and salad or veg for the forseeable future, but at some point there's going to have to be a sandwich or a slice of pizza.

I am just so nervous about piling weight back on. :wave_cry:
Im on CD but don't think im going to be eating the same carbs again, its brown pasta, rice, bread, sweet potatoes etc all the way from now on.
I am refeeding and I am eating carbs its not that bad and they dont kill you though i was bricking it about doing it , I am even going to eat Pasta tonight
just keep your portions small and controlled and you will be sorted x


Eloquent hooligan
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I've sorta re-fed the past fortnight but it's all been high protein, low carbs.... tbh I really don't miss staple carbs like rice / noodles / tattys / pasta.... I kinda miss fresh crusty bread / baguettes etc...

Carbs are insiduous lil ******* & turn up in the most innocent, innocuous items... always check the labels ;)

Saying that I've kinda gone back to 'natural', non-processed eating... no pre-cooked rubbish... just real meat / fish on a bed of leaves :)
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Ditto. Carbs worry me, have bought loads of low carb and south beach diet cookbooks to try and keep me on the straight and narrow post LT. My plan is basically to substitute occassional meals for LT shakes if it looks like my weight does start to creep back up. Failing that, a quick 1-2 week blast of LT to return to goal. Very scary!
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Carbs give me the fear but I also know I can't avoid them forever. I guess as with any diet the key is to moderation and portion sizes. We can still have a bit of what we fancy, just not all the time and not a huge amount.


is loving the soup?!
I am terrified of them, but I know wholegrain carbs are fab for me and have experienced it. I'm going to reintroduce them slowly but I know it will scare me. I am not going to eat white carbs or sugar for a long time after this diet though. I am using this diet to end my bingeing habit for good! (I hope!)
S: 17st1.0lb G: 13st3.0lb
I keep being told to eat brown rice and not white rice. We have tried brown rice in the past, and really hated it, tasted like soggy cardboard. But suppose those are the sacrifices we must make to succeed!
I cant even think about coming off LT or I might cry !!!
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There are lots of varieties of brown rice- the Japanese short grain one is so, so good. But it's still carbohydrate and when I cook it for my OH (when he's here and I'm not LTing I mean) I still have to eat hardly any if I want to maintain without cravings.

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