Anyone from Dorset?


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Not being countyist or anything, just may have a bit more in common and my counseller said there would be a few of hers on here!;)
work in dorset .........near bridport ....any good
Good luck on your journey. I am due to start on 15th Jan.
Sorry live in Somerset, but my sister-in-law "Dorset Dumpling" is a member, try private messaging her? She is also on CD.

By the way, how did you get your message onto the main screen? Can't figure out how to do it!!
Thanks every1! Didnt think there would be too many! I am 10 miles away from Bridport, Bournemouth is where my counseller is (who are you using) and thanks I will wait till dorsetdumpling is on! lol

I have already not had enough water etc, so hope to glug more tomorow!
hi Lu-c,
i'm using Pam Conway (r we allowed to name our cdc's)
i go on a monday eve, who r u using?
lu c where abouts i actually work in beaminster ........near u ?
Hey KD r u going to Portsmouth ?
perhapse we could meet some time & u could inspire me!
if you want & have time PM me !
I'm not going to Portsmouth Pandora. I'm a bit shy about gatherings:eek:

It would be good to meet up somewhen. Tied up for a couple of weeks with this and that, but I'll pm you then.

Good to see someone from Bournemouth :) Thought we just had CDC's here rather than people actually doing the diet :D