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Anyone get huge mood swings??


has started again!!
I know I just posted about my losses etc, and I am happy with what I have done do far, but I am really having a "down" time at the mo.

I seem to be really quick to tears for no obvious reason, and I feel so low. I dont know what to do about it.

I suspect its a bit of crooked thinking, because no matter how hard I try I still keep coming back to the fact that I still have roughly the same amount of weight to lose, as I already have done. I just dont know if I can hack this for another 5 months.

I know holidays arent all about eating and drinking, but I so want to enjoy the local cuisine and have the odd drop of wine etc when we go away in the summer. I have read many posts on the pros and cons of ss-ing whilst away, and I will SS this week when we go away en famile, with another family too. Bu Spain is a once in a blue moon holiday, we just dont do this every year like some.

I so fed up, I want to eat, I dont want to eat. My group all seem to be Polly Perfects, or else they'e all adapted children, saying what they think LLc wants to hear!

Am I really the only huge woman on this road that feels this way?

someone shoot me now please if this is the way it has to be........
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i think you've done fantastically well and your holiday isn't for another two months so just think of the weight that you can lose in that time and then go away and just enjoy yourself.
I'd make the most of how well you've done so far, enjoy the holiday, eat and drink what you like:eat: :party0016: and come back ready to start again!:D


i love minimins me :)
oh hun *hugs*

i get very emotional a lot of the time on cd, n my mood swings r horrendous i know am doin itbut cant stop hahah

yes it will be nice to be thin, but at the same time u need to live ya life hun, thats my thoery anyway


Mrs Lard

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Dear Sez

You are really going through it right now, what with your other thread (and that really is NO laughing matter - fyi, I always use PH capsules, NEVER the powder).

I don't know if this helps but this week our LLC talked all about choices and the empowering feelings that choice brings.

At the moment, it seems like you are overwhelmed - not by how far you've come and how much you've achieved (which is amazing) but how much more you feel you have to go. And when I read what you write, it seems as if you are so hard on yourself and you are telling yourself you have to do all sorts of things rather than choosing to do them.

Right now, Sez, you could stop LighterLife. If you wanted to, you could walk away and say to everyone around you, that's it, no more. Perhaps it might help you feel more in control/in charge of the situation if you believed and felt that you always have a choice and you are choosing to do LighterLife for however long you want (NOT however long it takes!).

I wonder if the crooked thinking is kicking in big time now because you are at that watershed moment; you're at the halfway point. If you carry on, that particular thought (the same amount to lose AGAIN) just won't apply.

I'm in between Foundation and Development this week and my crooked thinking is all over the place. I've eaten food that I haven't touched during the whole of Foundation but suddenly it's gone a bit haywire.

Anyway, I hope this might help; remember, you don't have to do this (ie LL) but you have chosen to AND you have proved that you can do it.

Stop worrying about the holiday; you can make a decision closer to the time. I spent a lot of wasted time and energy agonising about my holiday - you won't know how you feel until you get there. Go prepared to have packs but once you arrive you can see how you feel - just give yourself the max. number of options (and choice).

I reallly wish you well because you have it in you to get where you want to go.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxx


has started again!!
Mrs L thanks so much. (Another Aj in the making I feel!)

What you have said makes a lot of sense. I did make the choice to do LL and I am choosing to carry on. I suppose that now I have the option to, each week, see the number on the left of my ticker grow & that on the right fall, and I should take it week by week. Its almost as if, however, that I feel I absolutely have to lose all my excess this time, as I have always always regained before, and this time I need to prove to others and myself that I am able to see this through to the end.

Your suggestion about the holiday also makes sense. My LLC has suggested we talk about my options nearer the time and see how I am feeling then, rather than take a knee jerk reaction now. My concern, after reading others problems, if that if I make the choice to eat/drink I wont be able (strong enough) to begin ss-ing again, & I will have let everyone down, inc myself.

I too have had crooked thoughts over the transition from Foundation to Development. As you know I had my binge last week, a biggie!, and there was a much smaller one this week, oddly again after my meeting. I hope I can deal with all the mess in my head and set myself straight again.

My challenge will now be to get through the next two weeks, as I am away next week for WI. In all honesty I quite excited at thought of a double WI the following week. I plan a great loss (!!) so am hoping to see it through.

Off to bed now, as tired and fed up. I think a cup of green tea and a good book will do me wonders. :coffee:

Nighty night.:nightf:


has started again!!
PS Mrs L.

Ordered PH capsules online, a BOGOF offer! They are on their way , so a dose of Dulcolax and then hopefully they will do the trick for me!
Know how you feel....I've been on this since Mch 21 & i certainly looses its appeal after a while doesent it! Having said that I now think my original goal of 8.5 stone was too low but we will see! I try not to think about the whole journey but take things a day at a time & so far its got me though...As Mrs Lard says your holiday is a way away so try not to worry too much about it and see how you feel closer to the event! Big hugs & hope you feel better today!


has started again!!
Know how you feel....I've been on this since Mch 21 & i certainly looses its appeal after a while doesent it! Having said that I now think my original goal of 8.5 stone was too low but we will see! I try not to think about the whole journey but take things a day at a time & so far its got me though...As Mrs Lard says your holiday is a way away so try not to worry too much about it and see how you feel closer to the event! Big hugs & hope you feel better today!
getting there thanks! Today is another day after all! Sun is shining and we are off camping on Tue so getting stuff ready this weekend....

Expect downpours in the Cheddar area next week, as rain ALWAYS follows us when we camp!!

Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Dear Sez

Hope you are feeling cheerier today? Can't believe you are going camping; very impressive. Sorry about the weather forecast but you may get some sunshine.

Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday; rain is forecast here, too!

Take care.

Mrs L xxx

PS hope the PHs do the trick! xxxxx


has started again!!
The children love camping, so when funds dont allow a big hol, we pack up the car, grab the tent and off we go!!

Prob this time is that we dont have room to take a porta-potti, and with my now frequent night time loo visits I am taking a bucket & lid, some cat litter and some Zoflora!! (I will let you imagine....)

Havent checked forecast yet, but we are not off till Tues so fingers crossed.... I do feel sorry for all the poor visitors sat in their cars, queueing to get into Weymouth, past my house....poor souls , mega queue as always and the sun has disappeared. Hope they enjoy themselves, the q's been there all day....


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I love camping, we haven't been yet this year and probably won't get to go now till late summer --- have a lovely trip :)

Hey Sez
Your posts on this thread sound a lot brighter so I hope you're feeling much better :D

I too get awful mood swings, and usually like you, when I start to think how much longer I may have to do. But we all know the time does pass by really quickly - although in 'the moment' it doesn't feel like that!
I'm now determined that I'll be done by end July and starting management at the beginning of August. It's the first time that I've really set a goal, and whilst it will no doubt be crushing if I dont reach it I'll just re-evaluate at that point and see where I am.
Re your hols, I think the best idea has already been posted in that you can make that decision much nearer the time. Who knows how you will feel in 2 months time? I'm sure I've experienced every emotion there is throughout the last 14 weeks!!! I had a huge business trip in week 9 and could feel myself getting totally stressed out about it around week 4. I made the decision to continue SS'ing for the duration of my week away probably about a week before I went! Once I'd made a panic free decision closer to the time it just felt so much easier to stick with the decision.
Anyway, happy camping. I'll be very keen to hear how you get on as I'm off to Glastonbury at the end of June! :D


has started again!!
Re: camping.... the weather is sooooo bad right now, and the BBC forecast is even worse for the week (thundery storms on Thurs!!) that we may decide theres no place like home!! Much as we love camping we may just forfeit the deposit as sitting in a wet tent with wet children, moaning and groaning in no-ones idea of fun is it??


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No you're right there - you can handle the odd wet day but much more than that and it can just ruin the trip.

Am sure you'll have a great week wherever you end up :)


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