Anyone got more than 10 stone to lose? Eek!


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It's day 1 of lighterlife (again). I want to commit to doing 6 months on this and the possibly move onto weight watchers or something as i'm not sure how safe the diet is in the long term.

I've been successful before in the past on lighterlife (having lost and then regained 8 stone previously). I want to do some kind of management this time before moving onto something else as my mistake in the past has always been to lose the weight, start getting bored, feel that I deserve some food as a 'treat' and end up coming off the diet and not being able to get on it until most if not all of the weight has been has cost me a fortune in clothes for a start!

Anyway I want to do things differently this time as the saying goes 'if you've always done what always do, then you'll always get what you've always got'. And I always seem to get and stay morbidly obese!

My problem is that with so much to lose (and fears about loose skin etc) I find it hard to remain motivated. It's not so hard at first when the weight comes off fast but I can lose a stone and a half yet still be the same size, whereas someone with less to lose would probably lose a whole clothes size losing by losing the same amount of weight. I find it hard to keep going when I either can't see the results or when I think about how far i've got to go or when the loose skin starts appearing.

I really want to do it this time. I've decided that it's a last ditch attempt before a gastric band/bypass and am just wondering (as I have around 15 stone to lose) if anyone has any tips for remaining focused and motivated.
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i cannot tell you the secret of staying motivated as i dont know it. somehow i have just managed it this time it sounds so cliche to say my head is just in the right place but i think thats what it is. i have never done lighter life or any food replacement plans but i guess emotional side is quite similar. it is important to not give in because of a small blip reward success and forgive failure. have goals wether these are short term or long term i am bridesmaid next december and i will not follow my sister down the ailse in a size 20 dress. good luck x


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Hi Ellie

Well done to making the decision to restart, you will have to decide which is more important to you, loose skin or or being over weight, unfortunatley when you have got as big as we have, loose skin is a definite especially if you are no longer a spring chicken.

It can be hard to stay motivated but joining more online groups where people have loads to loose can help. Set small goals and treat yourself to non food related things everytime you reach a goal.

Another thing to do is to put on blinkers. You cannot watch other peoples weight loss journeys as the majority only seem to have around a third of your weight to lose. Just concentrate on your goals and your ambitions and you will get there.

Try cutting your weight journey down into more manageble chunks instead of the whole journey, join some of the monthly challenges on the lighterlife threads. This is a contradiction but work out at a stone a month how long you will be on the diet for and tell yourself on a daily basis, at the begining I will be on this diet till that date, I found that easier to cope with, and apart from a minor blip my weight loss speaks for itself.

If you ever need some motivation, just give a shout I am always willing to listen, again good luck.


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Hi there, i can totally empathise what you are going through. I have started a diet this week and have over 50% of my bady to lose...approx 13.5 - 14 st. I'll be your diet "buddy" if you want we can do this! x


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Not anymore but I am looking back on over 15 stone lost.
Advice-wise the end is too far away to worry about. Focus on how much you loose each week and not how far you still have to go.
Down the line you can look to your actual goal but in the mean time each half a stone down is a massive success
As my losses came quickly my motivation in maintaining the diet was obvious - it was working. And with the few weeks when I wasn't happy with the results I still knew I had "done my best".
With me I also knew that if I hadn't changed my lifestyle that I would only have been getting bigger so that couple of pounds was really 3 or 4 with the gain the other way.
I used dropping inches as a motivation. I also started to exercise for pretty much the first time in my adult life and my improved fitness was also measurable.
Loose skin will come or it won't but you know - like I knew - you have to lose weight.
You have the motivation now. Take this opportunity with both hands and do all you can to stay on track as who know when knowing what you should do and having the drive to do it will meet up again.
And keep dropping into this forum - knowing other people are going through exactly what you are makes this sort of journey a lot less lonely.

x Nee x

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I have just under 11stone to lose!!

makes you wonder how the hell your going to manage it but im sure if we all keep trying we will.

Good luck on your journey

Hi this is my first ever post, but sadly not my first diet! I too have more than half my body weight to lose, it appears like a massive mountain to climb but I know I have to keep trying to do one step at a time and then, like Chris Moyles climbing Kilamanjaro I will get there. Otherwise the option isn't good as am fast approaching 40 I can feel my health deteriorating. I have just joined upto the Diet chef system and will get 28 days of meals delivered to door so will start Monday. I had tried a total meal replacement (shake type) diet but only managed a week, I could not swallow the shakes, the taste and texture made me gag so I think you are already amazing fat2thingirl for sustaining that type of diet in the past and facing it again. Best of luck.

Look forward to checking in regularly for motivation and support, hopefully will get the hang of the computer and figure that out well enough to find my way around the forums.

Best of luck


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Wishing you loads of luck super stan, the support here is great, if your having an off day or anything just vent! x


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I too have a lot to lose if I want to get anywhere near my "ideal" weight and tbh thinking of losing that much weight is just too daunting so I have broken it down into smaller chunks. My "big" goal is 5 stone, but I break that down even further into 1 stone targets. I've found this to be a real incentive as I always leave a weigh-in with a reasonably achievable target for the next week as I am only a few lbs off the next half-stone.
I do think that mind-set has a lot to do with it as well though. If this is your "no-turning-back" point then you will stick to it because you know you have to.

Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing about your successes. :D
Thanks for support, I like the idea of looking at it 7lbs at time so you are never too far away from or just achieved a target. With this in mind, hopefully this time next week I will be well on my way to that first target! I'll let you know.



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I started slimming world in the middle of november and so far I have lost 1 stone 10lbs and still have 8 stone 4 lbs to lose.

I have broken my weightloss down into 7lb chunks and I have 20.. 7lbs to lose, so far I have crossed 3 off.

The task is daunting but I am so in the zone I feel I am going to succeed this time and am loving the slimming world plan. :D


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S: 25st9lb C: 21st7lb G: 20st0lb BMI: 48.6 Loss: 4st2lb(16.16%)
You're welcome Stan and make sure you do let us know how you get on.

As for the idea of crossing off the 7lbs as you do them soccermom, I love that idea so will start doing that too. :D
Thanks for all support everyone. I am going into town tomorrow, weather permitting, to do official weigh in at Boots and find out just how many of those 7lb targets there are to cross off, but there will certianly be more than 20 sadly, but hey what is life without a challenge!

Have to say it does feel great to have found somewhere with people in similar to situation as myself it really feels like everyone is pulling for you to do well and wanting to help and not judge. Look forward to knocking that first 7er off the hit list.
Wow flutterworc 10lbs lost in a week BRILLIANT :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: if you do 1lb next week it is 1lb DOWN and not up.

You must be feeling fantastic. I started my diet yesterday and have over 12 stone to lose so your 10lb loss would be more than my first 5% target.

I know this seems weird but this has really cheered me up as it seems like such a really long way off to where I want to be but when you look at it a bit at a time and see other people achieving those goals it is a real motivator.

Thanks flutterworc, keep up the good work, this has got me through another night.



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Well done flutter!

Dont be disappointed if you dont lose the same next week, any weight off is a step in the rihgt direction x


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please dont be upset if you have a sts or a small loss at your next weight in the first time i did sw my losses went loke this
w1 9lbs
w2 1lb
w3 1lb
w4 8lbs
so just stick at it good luck


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All I have to say is, it can be done!

1 year ago I started LighterLife weighing 21st8, 33 weeks later I had lost 10 stone. I've been maintaining that loss since then. Keep the faith, go in with the attitude that you will and can do this. And if you're doing LL view staying abstinent as your number 1 focus this year.




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Wow, girloutdoors, what an inspiration! x