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Anyone had 2 bars and come out of Ketosis?


I'm going to a meeting in Glasgow tomorrow and need to be up at 5am to catch the 7am flight ,:cry: I don't normally have a shake until 8:30 - 10:00 so was planning to take a bar with me.

I've just found out that we are having a 'working lunch' and I really don't want to take a shake with me as it's not the sort of meeting or they are not the sort of people I can sit their and drink my shake infront of, if you know what I mean. Since it's a working lunch, I don't really want to have to leave to try and find some water somewhere and mix and drink my shake.

Was wondering if on this occasion it would be OK to have a second bar? and if so, if I really will come out of ketosis?

I do like the bars and would be so much easier and convenient if we could have 2 bars a day.

Thanks for any advice.

Louale X
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I had a couple of days when I had two bars and two shakes and didn't have a problem. So long as it's only on rare occassions I think it's ok. But if it becomes a daily thing I'm sure it'd make a difference to your weight loss as there are more carbs in the bars.

Have you tried making crisps? I used to always have mine at lunch time when everyone else was having their buffet sandwiches!
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me too - when we travelled to the states, its 24 hours door to door - so I brought plenty of bars for the journey and I had no probs at all. Not to make a habit of it - but once or twice should be OK. :)
Thanks Rachel and BL,

I still haven't decided whether to just eat my bar and then have my 3 shakes in the evening, as I'm a little worried that if I do get away with it, I might just make it a habit.

Thanks again,
Louale x


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Hi Louale... I was told by my LLC that I could 'pre-prepare' a shake and take it with me (I freaked out over a training day about half way through foundation)... they 'recommend' you eat them within 15 minutes, but actually - that is more crucial for the hot soups/shakes due to vitamin break down.
Again - like with bars - I wouldn't make it a habit - but for the sake of having something to drink in the morning, it may be worth making a choc up (or something), putting it in a flask/bottle and then you can have your bar at lunch time :)

A xx
So long as you don't have both bars one after another (i.e. within the same 'meal' ), there's virually no risk of coming out of ketosis, they might have more carbs than the shakes but it's still no-where near enough to 'wreck' you Keto, though it might make you feel a little hungry and the day after will be harder as your body will like having the extra carbs in it.

As a one-off, don't worry about it.
I had two bars on Xmas day, one on the drive to London and one for my Xmas Dinner, didn't do me any harm (as far as I can tell, at least!) and I still lost :) and my LLC told me at my first meeting that if there was a good reason/special occasion then 2 bars in one day is acceptable, so long as you have the next day as 4 shakes/soups to balance for the extra carb intake the previous day (makes sense!)

PS If you did try and have 2 bars each day, you'd run out mid-week as your LLC won't (shouldn't!) let you have more than 1 for each day. So you'd have to spend the rest of the week on just shakes. Which would be worse than just controlling the 1 a day, I reckon!
Thanks all.

I've decided I'm going to force a shake down before I leave and take a bar with me for lunch.

Thanks again.

Louale x


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hmmm i was told that it may knock you out of it, like others have said dont make it a habit.


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im messing with them, on my avatar link, this one that i have now you mean?


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thank you Jo thats a nice thing to say, after everyone made fun of the hat it was time to change it over ;)

You should get some pics of you up too so we can see your lovely self and how you are changing

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