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Anyone have any tasty low cal but filling soup recipes?


Slimming down the aisle
Firstly, hi to all the newbies that have appeared while I've been away!

As it's starting to get so flipping cold, I'm going to start taking soup more for lunch I think. Just wondered if anyone has any yummy, low cal and filling recipes or ideas for soups?
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Sweet potato and pepper, chop up some sweet potato, a pepper and some onion. dry fry onion and pepper, add potato. Add a stock cube or two, water, simmer till pots are tender, you can either biltz with a blender or if you want it chunky break up the pots with fork, Add a little chilli if liked and there you go. Easy peasy.x
Carrot & coriander is nice for lunch. 1x large onion finely chopped, 2 x finely chopped garlic cloves - fry these two for approx 5 mins in some Fry Lights. Then add 450g carrots peeled and chopped up, cook for another 5 mins. Then add 1litre of vegetable stock (I used 4tsp of reduced salt Bouillon) and 1tsp of ground coriander. Simmer on a medium heat 30mins or until carrot soft. I then mashed the carrots by hand with a masher before transferring to a blender (you can use a hand blender if you have one), add a good handful of fresh coriander, blend and serve. I made this for the first time on Sunday and it was beautiful :D :D


Slimming down the aisle
Ooh sounds nice ChubLock, thanks. How many portions does that make do you think?

Belle your recipe sounds lovely too, I love sweet potato! Have you got any idea how much of each ingredient I should use?
In my local Jack Fultons they sell Pepper grinder type jars but with mixed chilli and garlic flakes, a twist or two of that will warm/spice up a soup.
I find that any soups made with veg are quite low in calories. just dnt add cream and croutons lol

I like leek and potatoe soup and its so easy to make.

1 large onion sliced
2-3 Leeks sliced
1 large or 2 smaller potatoes cut into quarters
Veg stock cube
500ml boiling water
bouquet garni
splash of semi skimmed milk.

1, Spritz a large saucepan with a generous helping of fry light and add the onions and leeks, let them sweat off for about 5 mins. or untill soft.
2, whilst waiting for that, boil your kettle and pour 500ml of water into a pyrex jug and add a veg stock cube, i use knorr jelly ones.
3 Add you potatoes to the saucepan and pour your veg stock on top, enough to cover the veg. And add ur boquet garni.
4, Leave this to simmer away for around 20-25mins untill the potatoes are soft.
5, When soft, transfer into a food prossesor and blitz untill ur disired texture, if u dont have a food prossesor then u can just use a hand belnder in the saucepan when u have taken it off the heat, just be careful u dont burn urself.

I have loads more if ur interested, im a chef in training so am full of healthy low fat recipe ideas. x

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